Early in the morning of April 27, a coyote was spotted by visitors to Juniper Valley Park. The NYPD was notified, but by the time they responded, the animal had run down to the CSX tracks parallel to Lutheran Avenue. But then it came back. The police evacuated the park. It ended up in someone's front yard on Eliot Avenue then it bolted down to 77 Place and Caldwell Avenue. ESU cops and a swarm of media chased the coyote across Middle Village, but it evaded capture until a day later, when Capt. Wachter tweeted out at 8:36pm: “He might have gotten away once but not today. We have caught the coyote at 77 place and Caldwell Avenue.” The animal actually turned out to be female. She was evaluated and released in an appropriate location. Coyotes are following the railroad tracks down from Westchester County and have previously been spotted in the Bronx and Manhattan. The best thing to do if one approaches you or your pet is to appear to look as big as possible. That will likely scare it away.