We were told this spring that it would finally happen. The week of Independence Day, the jackhammers were going to get started on the Metropolitan Avenue-Fresh Pond Road LIRR Bridge replacement, the DOT told Queens CB5. Only it didn’t happen. Then Captain Wachter was told it would start the following week, around July 11th. It didn’t. After asking what the heck was going on, the following response was received:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In June, NYC DOT announced that the Emergency Contract to replace the deck of the bridge over the L.I.R.R. at Fresh Pond Road and Metropolitan Avenue would begin shortly after the 4th of July.
Project startup which includes review and approval of drawings with the Long Island Railroad as well as approval of vendors and sub-contractors has taken longer than expected. Installation of the underdeck shield below the bridge but above the railroad will begin in August. The maintenance and protection of traffic signs for construction operations at street level are expected to be installed, but covered, in anticipation of commencement around Labor Day.
Before the start of work requiring lane closures and/or detours 7-day notice will be provided. All emergency services, first responders and public transit operators are being updated on the start of active construction.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Nancy Catapano,
Community Liaison

We understand that projects get delayed for a variety of reasons, but this nonsense has been going on since 2002. We are facing the closure of the M line next year and really need that intersection to be fully open to accommodate shuttle buses and other alternate means of transportation.