Gunral Service Center, Inc.
64-01 Woodhaven Blvd.
Rego Park, NY 11374
Tel: 718-459-7799

The Juniper Berry is pleased to welcome a new advertiser, Gunral Service Center in Rego Park.

Gunral Service is owned and operated by Gunther Duy (pronounced Dewey) and Ralph Barone. The name “Gunral” is a derivative from their first names, Gunther and Ralph.

Gunther and Ralph have been partners for over thirty years and when they were interviewed for this article it was apparent that they are the best of friends and get along well. Gunther stated that the main reason for the success of Gunral is because he and Ralph are first generation Americans coming from families that valued and taught the work ethic. They both learned that lesson well from Mom and Dad because it is apparent that these two guys take great pride in their work. You get the impression from the way business is conducted at Gunral that the key ingredient can be described as being, the “art of the car.” Gunral’s customers understand and appreciate the expertise brought to the table of automotive repair and each one gets the same quality of service and attention.

To reinforce the amount of attention and talent that goes into their craft, Gunther explained how his partner, Ralph, is a Certified ASE Master Mechanic, which is a coveted credential in the automotive field. Ralph’s added training enables him to bring the precision of a surgeon to the field of automotive diagnostics, not a bad thing in these tough times when a misdiagnosis can be very costly and disabling to a car owner. In fact all the employees at Gunral have a level of certification in the automotive field.

The two men are very enthusiastic when they explain the scope of their business. They do all phases of auto repair for cars, trucks, vans and 4 wheel drive vehicles; computer diagnostic and fuel injection; they pump gas 24/7 and the shop is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5pm. Also, the Gunral Station does snow plowing for some of the local businesses in the area and for all of Maspeth Federal Savings Bank’s branch offices.

Gunther stated that they have had the same customers for many years and the source of new business is usually from the recommendations of their existing clientele. He said that at Christmas time when Gunral has a big holiday party right in the very garages where they do their repairs, customers, old and new, come from all over NYC to attend the festivities.

Gunral Service Station is located on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park and Gunther shared an interesting fact about the business district. He stated that there are only three other businesses on the “Boulevard” that have been in existence for as many years as Gunral Service Station. They are Joe Abbracciamento’s Italian Restaurant, London Lennies Restaurant and Hillebrand Funeral Home. He said they all meet from time to time to chat and just plain stay connected. In these times of what can be described as “throw-away” businesses it is comforting to see some of the enduring faces of the past that continue on into the future armed with the good service they provide in their own fields of expertise.

On the personal side Gunther is married with one child, Grace, who is a student at Fairfield University. Gunther and his wife, Martha, own a house in Middle Village and have been paid up members of the Juniper Park Civic Association for many years. Gunther said he went to Martin Luther High School in Maspeth, is active in the alumni at Martin Luther and he and his wife are parishioners in Our Lady of Hope Church in Middle Village. Ralph, who graduated from Newtown High School, lives on Long Island with his wife and three children.

There is no question that America is going through turbulent times with lives being turned upside down daily from the swings in the economy and from the thieves out there who have stolen the fortunes of many people. It is totally comforting to talk to two steady and dependable men who value the friendships they have created in their lives, who love their neighborhood and who aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work! Well folks, we have two of them right here in our midst, Gunther Duy and Ralph Barone. Give them a visit at Gunral Service Station and tell them you read about them in the Juniper Berry. They will love that!