COMMERCIAL VEHICLES parked on a residential street from 9 PM to 5 AM (except emergency vehicles) are in violation of the law. Call 311 after 8 PM to have a summons served. Keep calling. You do not have to give your name. Be sure to take the complaint number from the operator. Take note of the time you called and remember to get the operator’s name.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES or boats parked in a residential driveway or a backyard are also in violation. Call 311 to report this growing problem.

NO LICENSE PLATES ON VEHICLES: Also please report cars
without plates. Property owners cannot park cars without license plates on their property.

ILLEGAL APARTMENTS: If you know or suspect that a property owner has illegally converted a basement or walk-in apartment please report it to 311. Also report suspicious construction as (no permit posted). If the problem persists please call the Juniper Park Civic Association, 718-651-5865.

NOISE, NUISANCES, PUBLIC DRINKING AND OTHER QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUES such as blocked driveways please call 311. We must keep our neighborhood a great place to live by reporting illegal activity or nuisances. By doing so you are helping to make our community better.

Other important numbers:
Community Relations in the 104th Pct. – 718-386-2431. Crime
Prevention – 718-386-2491.

Did you know that Section 22-322 of the zoning resolution of the Department of Buildings, New York City, does not permit real estate companies to attach a “SOLD” rider on a
for sale sign which is legal? Report violations to the Department of Buildings through 311. Give them the above section of resolution when making your report.

Also report illegal advertising on public property. You’ll often see these illegal signs hung on poles or trees. Many real estate companies are illegally using our streets and sidewalks to advertise “open house” events. Don’t let these
firms put them on your sidewalk since you may receive a sidewalk obstruction summons.