It is always exciting to see a new business open up in our neighborhood. Somehow, in my mind, it validates our community as alive and well and still growing.

Well, we have a new business to welcome and I had the opportunity recently to meet the owners of Rashachy Salon & Spa on 82nd Street just off Eliot Avenue in Middle Village. This beautifully decorated, full service salon is owned by Rachel and Shahina and between the two of them they have close to 40 years experience in the beauty field.

Rachel, who lives in Flushing and looks about 30 years old, has close to 30 years experience in the beauty field! This astonished me, she not only looks young but she told me she also has seven grandchildren! She worked for 16 years at Jadd Salon and the former Bene Salon in our neighborhood and she has a huge following. Shahina, who lives in Elmhurst, has about 5 years working in the field at Jadd’s and Manhattan salons. They used their combined experience and following to launch their new venture, Rashachy Salon & Spa (which is a combination of both their names).

Both women are very professional, attractive and friendly. Shahina gave me a tour of their establishment and even though it is still a work in progress I got the sense of how extensive their services will be.

They occupy two floors on 82nd Street with the main floor having six stations for hair styling and coloring as well as a spa run by their employee, Ella. Ella has fifteen years experience in a salon on Metropolitan Avenue. As you can see all the women who work in this salon have followings and are loaded with experience. In my opinion, experience is a “good thing.”

On the lower level they have full body waxing, massages, as well as classic manicures and pedicures. This impressed me, these sensitive services will be performed in private, serenely decorated rooms. Very often, when you pass some of these places that do these services, you can stare in the window and watch the women having their feet massaged and pedicured. This is more than I want to see. They will also have a bridal service to get the bride and her party prettied up for the special day.

All tallied up they have about six workers who will see to it that any customers who avail themselves of Rashachy’s services will get their money’s worth of beauty pampering. They are competitively priced for all their services.

There is no question, Rachel and Shahina are professionals. They’ve filled their resumes with total experience in the beauty field. They have established an extensive beauty service right here in Middle Village.

Stop in and see them, check out their services and their own beautiful complexions. What an advertisement Rachel and Shahina are for their product! Good luck, ladies. I can see from your professional, friendly demeanor, your new business, Rashachy Salon & Spa will be a winner!