The beautiful picture you see accompanying this article belongs to John Killcommons and his wife, the former Elizabeth Buoncore, who both grew up on 80th Street in Middle Village. Although they knew each other a number of years there was a three and a half year age difference so they didn’t become boyfriend and girlfriend until Betty was seventeen and John was home on leave from the Navy. He said something to Betty like, “wow, did you grow up!” and so it began.

After four years in the Navy and a few years as neighborhood bartender in the Tudor Tavern on 80th Street and Eliot Avenue in Middle Village, John became a NYC Firefighter in Hook and Ladder Company 128, Long Island City and remained there for 30 years. He was the company Union Delegate for the entire time. His part time jobs were at the World’s Fair of 1964-65, Shea Stadium and the US Open Tennis Tournament.

In the early days of Our Lady of Hope, John was an active member of the Holy Name Society and Sports Association, having coached many baseball teams. He was also an active member of the Queensboro Elks Lodge and at present is on the board of the Juniper Park Civic Association as the Second Vice President and he is a member of Community Board 5.

Betty Killcommons held office as Secretary for the Rosary Society of Our Lady of Hope and organized the Sports Program for Girls at Our Lady of Hope. After a twenty-five year career of “stay at home Mom” she began a second career in the Board of Education where she was appointed Secretary in 1985 and a teacher in 1992. She returned to school and completed her BA and MA degrees at Queens College.

John and Betty were married on September 20, 1958, had four children and currently enjoy their five grandchildren who at one point all lived on their block in Middle Village.

Very tempted to end it with, “And they lived happily ever after!”