I just finished reading the article in the Juniper Berry entitled “Protecting Illegal Alien Jailbirds,” on page 9 of the December 2011 issue. We all heard the comments, concerns and issues at the recent JPCA meetings and to say it is appalling is a gross understatement. How dare our elected officials put forth such a fraudulent piece of legislation such as Intro Bill 656A, which will result in limiting cooperation between the Department of Correction (DOC) and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) by protecting roughly half of the criminal illegal aliens at Rikers Island from deportation!

This senselessly worded document that consistently describes illegal aliens in euphemisms, bordering on making them seem legal, is an horrific insult to every American past, present and future. This bill goes against everything this nation represents, it strikes a blow right at the heart of America; it is in fact dangerous, very dangerous.

Here’s the kicker, our elected officials, Council Members Elizabeth Crowley and Karen Koslowitz co-sponsored and voted in favor of the bill that our esteemed Mayor, Michael Bloomberg signed into law! For our politicians to state that this trash is good, is right out of “The Big Lie” as used by the Nazis during the last century. When I see what this group of elected officials has accomplished I see what can be described as the American version of the Weimar Republic.

For those who do not know about Weimar, I suggest you do a Google search. Briefly, the Weimar Republic was the MOST corrupt regime to have existed within modern times. So much so that they imploded Germany and subsequently Europe, leading this world into one of the darkest periods in history, specifically the NAZI Third Reich, the Holocaust and WWII.

Sadly, I see overtones of something similar taking place right here in America and this abomination of a bill, Intro 656A, is proof. Other Americans share this observation and this number is increasing dramatically.

Here are the real facts:
Illegals are just that, they are criminals who invade this country through illicit and most often criminal means. In short, they are an invading army, which is conquering us economically, politically and socially.
They use Social Security Cards and Identification, which are stolen and procured through illegal means. Often times the SS numbers are of deceased Americans.

Since they do not have a valid identification, they DO NOT pay taxes. Look at California, which is imploding economically as is New York.

They often work very cheap on a cash basis so again they DO NOT pay taxes, nor insurance, nor SSI. They send most of their earnings back to their country of origin.
Since they DO NOT pay taxes, they BLEED the health care system. This is why St. John’s Queens Hospital closed and why California’s Health System is collapsing!

They bring with them various diseases and parasites, just look at the recent reports of disease concerning vegetables, bedbugs, TB, etc.

They DO NOT support America, its way of life, its culture, laws or its language.

They often reside in illegal apartments, set up in cellars, attics and even what is known as “hot bunks.” They promote the creation of such illegal residences.

They cause accidents and mayhem on our roadways because they drive without drivers’ licenses, which they cannot get legally.

They have destroyed our educational system because they refuse to assimilate.
Estimates of illegals, incarcerated within the Federal Prison System are 30% at a cost of $3,000,000/day (1).

The annual cost to American Taxpayers for illegal aliens is estimated at $11 to 22 Billion Dollars. One periodical indicated that “Once (illegals) are here they are 50% more likely to be on welfare than citizens” (2).


So where are our elected officials hiding their brains, or do they even have any? Their bill protects, condones, rewards, encourages and empowers illegal alien activities and makes a mockery of those who come to this great country legally. It has turned NEW YORK into a sanctuary and the dumping ground for the world’s criminals. At the December 2011 JPCA meeting our elected officials or their representatives came up with a host of lame excuses. What fools!

The only people who had the intelligence, the character and the guts to voice the truth were the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association.

My grandparent’s generation beat Von Hindenburg’s forces in WWI and my parent’s generation stood victorious against the combined forces of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. Now 66 years later our once great nation and its republic are being systematically eradicated by the likes of a rag tag group of transients all supported by those who are sworn to prevent such an atrocity.

(1) From Factcheck.org • April 9, 2009
(2) From Newsmax.com • Dec. 30, 2012