One more time on the garbage issue – When your first pick-up of the week falls on a holiday and there is no sanitation pick-up for that day please do not, I repeat do not put out your recyclables until the following week.

For instance if your regular pick-ups are on a Monday and Thursday and Monday is a holiday with no pick-up, do not put out your recyclables until the following Monday. If your regular pick-up is on a Tuesday and Friday and Tuesday is a holiday with no pick-up, do not put out your recyclables until the following Tuesday. If your regular pick-up is on a Wednesday and Saturday and Wednesday is a holiday with no pick-up, do not put out your recyclables until the following Wednesday.

We continue to see recyclables out for days at a time when a holiday falls on a regular recyclable day. This creates a visual blight and is intolerable. Think of your street and neighborhood as your living room because in effect that's exactly what it is, your living room.

If you want garbage blight go to some of our surrounding communities and if you're like me, you will understand that curbside garbage is sickening and is a negative indicator about the condition of the neighborhood. The garbage blight also takes its toll on the value of your most precious asset, your home.

This will be one of the issues discussed at the Juniper Park Civic Association’s Town Meeting on March 7th. If the problem continues the JPCA will ask Sanitation Enforcement officers to issue summonses to homeowners who do not comply.

Motor Scooters Are Dangerous & Illegal… So where are the Parents?

Motor Scooters and motorboards continue to multiply in the community at an alarming rate. These dangerous and noisy contraptions are putting a big dent into our quality of life. Why any responsible parent would allow their child to ride and own a motor scooter is beyond us. The parent, an adult, should know better. They are not only endangering the lives of their children but are putting the rest of us in harms way. These parents are also showing no regard for their neighbors or the community.

Captain Loehle, Commander of the 104th Precinct has informed us that police officers will confiscate the scooters and issue summonses to its riders. He said with the warmer weather of spring approaching his officers have already confiscated several scooters. Captain Loehle is encouraging residents to call the police when the scooters are buzzing throughout the community.

Mayor Greets MVVAC Heroes

Mayor Mike Bloomberg stopped and greeted Middle Village Volunteer Ambulance Corps. members Al Cotinho and Dianne Pecha, Ambulance Secretary, last month while in our community. The Mayor thanked MVVAC members for their
dedicated service during the World Trade Center attack.