It appears the City of New York would rather spend thousands of dollars replacing downed traffic signals, walk/don’t walk signs and street signs instead of installing a $35 sign. Back in 1989 the Juniper Park Civic Association successfully fought for the installation of “No Truck Signs,” on certain intersections where trucks might stray onto our residential streets. Back then a No Truck sign was installed on the corner of 74th Street and the eastbound LIE service road. Unfortunately the sign became of a victim of the LIE construction and has been missing for several years. Each time a tractor trailer truck wanders down 74th Street to Caldwell Avenue and surrounding streets it routinely takes out any obstacle in its path. Here are some recent photos from just two corners – Caldwell Avenue & 74th Street and 74th Street and Eastbound LIE Service Road. The JPCA has been asking for the replacement of the No Truck signs for 3 years.