If your driveway entry or exit is blocked and you reside in a building with no more than two (2) separate dwelling units (two families) you have the right to have the unoccupied vehicle towed by either a licensed tow car of your choice OR the next available tow company in the NYPD “Rotation Tow Program”. The owner/lessee has this option AFTER a summons has been issued.

If the registered owner or other person in control of the vehicle arrives at the scene prior to removal, the tow operator will release the vehicle to the owner upon payment of a reasonable service fee not to exceed fifty (50) dollars.

Registered owners of vehicles are permitted to park in FRONT of their own driveway.

Local Law #22 does permit owners/lessees of the same property to have this statute enforced against violators. If your driveway is blocked, call the 104th Precinct switchboard at 386-3004 and request participation in the “Driveway Tow Program.”