On Saturday, May 21, Juniper Park Civic’s 103-year-old member fell in his kitchen.

Even with assistance from his loving daughter Emily, he was unable to get up, but somehow managed to drag himself to the bedroom floor, where Emily placed a pillow under his head and coved him. On Sunday, Emily met Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who inquired about her Dad. She mentioned that he had fallen and was home in his bedroom. Dennis immediately called Bob Holden, President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, who in turn called me to go see Mr. Berner.

When I arrived, he was experiencing severe pain, and it was obvious that he was unable to move, due to a potential break.

We called 911 for an ambulance, which responded within minutes. St. Vincent’s EMT Zeimbekis(8498) and EMT Todzia (8494) gently and efficiently stabilized his body, placed him on a long immobilization board, and transported him to New York Hospital Queens.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, he was given pain medication, an IV was started, and X-rays were done. It was determined that he did indeed have a hip fracture. It was obvious to us that he was in good hands, so we left the hospital.

During the evening hours, the hospital called Emily for the completed Proxy form, which she secured the following day. The medical team performed a complete medical examination, so that surgery could be performed.

Surgery was successfully performed on Wednesday evening. I visited him the day after surgery. He was eating well, had been evaluated for physical therapy, and seemed to be almost back to his old self. As we go to press, Mr. Berner was being readied for transfer to Dry Harbor Nursing Facility to continue his rehabilitation.

We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at our meetings and walking the streets of our Middle Village Community.