“When you are doing what you love to do, no one has to motivate you.” – Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

SGT. FRANK JENKINS, a valued member of The Middle Village Volunteer Ambulance Corps, recently returned to New York, after serving 15 months in Iraq.

Frank, who is attached to the Army Reserve 319 Signal Battalion, finished his tour of duty in March and expects to return to St. John’s University in August to complete his law degree.

While in Iraq, Jenkins spent most of his tour in Hillah, near Baghdad. His primary job was that of “Combat Life Saver.” He spoke about the extreme heat, at times as high as 150 degrees, which necessitated administration of intravenous therapy for heat exhaustion. Frank’s prior work with MVVAC was valuable in such medical emergencies. Frank spoke of the importance of treating the Iraqi people, specially the children, with respect and dignity, despite language barriers and other cultural variations. He noted a difference in basic amenities between people living in the cities and those in the countryside.

People in the cities seemed to be better educated, while many in the rural areas seemed to be impoverished and had low literacy levels. Many of the children were barefoot and begged for morsels of food or even a cigarette.

According to Sgt. Jenkins, military bases, which initially started out in tents, are now better developed, where many personnel get to sleep in air conditioned trailers. Many of the bases have a Px, Internet Cafes, and even Burger King and Subway Sandwich establishments.

MVVAC is delighted to welcome Frank back from Iraq, safely and in good health. They are grateful for his service for our country. He is anxious to resume his volunteer work with the organization, “doing what he loves to do,” as soon as he can locate an apartment in Middle Village and readapt to civilian life.