There are three new two-family homes on the corner of 79th Street and Juniper Valley Road. The developer is from Plainview, Long Island and has been involved with commercial development in Middle Village in the past.

Several representatives of the developer met with Councilman Gallagher, a member of Community Board 5, and a member of the Juniper Park Civic Association prior to commencement of construction. This was a voluntary meeting by the developers in order to ensure that the leaders of the community were fully aware of the project and address any concerns that they may have. The developers were keenly aware of the concern associated with many new two family homes easily being converted to illegal three-family homes. These illegal conversions were actually promoted by many unscrupulous developers.

The developer on Juniper Valley Road and 79th Street homes presented floor plans and elevations at that meeting. In addition they explained that they were familiar with the neighborhood and the family atmosphere that has made
Middle Village the community it is today. As a result, they designed a true two-family where the owner’s unit is on the first and second floor and the rental unit on the third floor. The garage level is under the building with the utilities, washer and dryer, and storage (there is never enough storage). There is no rear entrance or exit out of the cellar to eliminate the conversion possibility, but there is an exterior storage area under the covered porch in the front of the building hiding those ugly gas meters and garbage cans.

By designing the home this way the developer has achieved its objective of truly making a home for its buyers, and hopes that the community appreciates the thoughtful design of the homes. The unit on the corner of 79th Street is sold and the new owner has recently moved in.

It’s nice to finally see a developer who cares about the community.