The only way to receive the leadership we need is to demand it by holding politicians accountable when they don’t deliver. Remember, elected officials work for the taxpaying public… we the people.

With the many challenges facing our nation, state, city and neighborhood the Juniper Park Civic Association and the staff of the Juniper Berry has decided it’s time to grade elected officials based on their performance as leaders, ability to deliver services to their constituents, funding for neighborhood programs and problem solving on issues concerning the neighborhoods in their respective districts. We base most of our grading calculations on personal experience of working with the offices of the elected official, response from our membership and how each official has performed in their elected office.

We are basing our evaluations on five criteria:

Legislative performance: How effectively the elected official performs in their respective legislative forum. Do they have the respect from their legislative leadership and colleagues? Do they have clout in their legislative body and party? Can they work with the other side of the aisle to work out compromises?

Capital & Discretionary Funding: Delivering much-needed government funding for improving infrastructure, education, social services, public safety and transportation.

Office staff: Did the elected official hire competent office staff and is that staff responsive to their constituency?

Problem Solving: Does the elected official listen to their constituents? Do they attempt to solve district problems, preserve quality of life and make sure government is held accountable to the people?

Ethics: Do they do the right thing and serve their constituents and not special interests, campaign contributors or cronies.

View the Report Cards:
Elizabeth S. Crowley
Andrew Hevesi
Joseph Addabbo
Margaret Markey