In a brand new partnership between the Juniper Park Civic Association and Maspeth High School, the Grand Avenue bridge on 79th Street near Elmhurst Park was rejuvenated. This event was the third clean-up in which the Juniper Juniors participated and the first JPCA event in which Green Club from Maspeth HS participated. Len Santoro from JPCA coordinated the event along with Mr. Aaron Bell who is the faculty advisor for the Green Club.
On Saturday, October 20th, the clean-up began at 10am and there were over 20 volunteers who painted the bridge and cleaned the sidewalks in front of the bridge. The entire bridge was painted by 11:30am.
The groups are planning future clean-ups for this year.

The volunteers:
Richie Polgar
Aaron Bell
Madelane Sadia
Shirley Delacruz
Mark Baldzon
Kinju Shafra
Johannah Grehte
Tia Chen
Chaia Ona
Diezl Del Rosario
Tom Hudeck
Min Lin
Amy Tiang
Charlotte Oroza
Aron Suba
Rafkin Sharon
Smay Starlin
Leonela Tutasig
Ngawang Tenzin
Kevin McManus
Mario Giugliano
John Pozeniczny
Antoine Haran
Peter Ilse
Anthony Luis
Mario Matos Jr.
Len Santoro