$2+ Million Toilet
Editor: Two million plus bathroom in Elmhurst Park? “You could build this facility for half a million dollars and it would have more bathrooms,” said Anthony Nunziato of the Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force. So they definitely overspent. If they want a unique building, it’s definitely a unique building.” We the people should not have let this facility be constructed for $2.2 million. I feel raped of my taxes. It would be nice if whoever felt this was necessary would be removed from office. Thank You 
Lawrence D’Alessio

Dear Juniper Berry, I would like it if some could fix up the bathrooms at Juniper Park. The bathrooms at Elmhurst Park are much nicer. If you can fix it I will be happy.
Thank you,

Isabella Rose Sart

CK Charter School
Dear Editor: Permit me to express my deepest gratitude for your continued excellence with the quarterly publication of the “Juniper Berry.” One of the articles in your last publication focused on the developme
nts at Christ the King High School. While I applaud Mr. Michael Michel's efforts to enhance the use of the high school building, I think it is only fair that the residents of Maspeth and Middle Village be aware of some of the concerns which the local Catholic elementary schools have regarding a Charter School going into Christ the King.

In 2011 the pastors and principals of the Catholic parishes in Ridgewood, Maspeth, Middle Village and Forest Hills were informed that a Charter School was being considered at Christ the King. Immediately, for many reasons, this became a major concern for us, the Office of the Superintendent of Schools and even the Bishop's office. As the Cluster Facilitator of the local parishes, I was asked to address this with Mr. Michel. Another pastor and I personally visited Mr. Michel in May 2011 and expressed our concerns. One of our main concerns was that a Charter School could possibly harm the enrollment of our local Catholic Schools. Our concerns fell on “deaf ears.”

Your article notes that Mr. Michel is eager to reach out and assist our local community. A Charter School may be financially beneficial for Christ the King but not beneficial to the local Catholic schools who are attempting to maintain their own enrollment.

I think some of the following underlying questions are in order. Why has the enrollment at Christ the King decreased so much that the trustees must look for other venues to rent their space? Other Catholic high schools in Queens seem to be holding their own. What makes Christ the King a Catholic High School? How is their Catholic identity visible? In the last two years most 8th Grade students in our local Catholic schools, have not made Christ the King one of their choices for a high school. Why? Maybe if some or all of these questions are honestly addressed, there might be an increased enrollment at Christ the King.

Yours truly,
Rev. Michael A. Carrano
Pastor-Our Lady of Hope
Cluster Facilitator of Maspeth / Middle Village Catholic parishes

Berry Interesting
To the Editor: Last week a good friend and former neighbor, Barbara Pannachionne, sent me a copy of the current issue of the “Juniper Berry.” On page 69 was featured the 1951 graduation class from RA. I still have my copy of that picture. Did that bring back memories and the question “whatever happened to…?”  Only a week or so ago I had called my best friend from grade school, Eileen, to talk about our great grandchildren celebrating their first birthdays. Last year we had become great grandmothers 10 days apart. When I finish reading every article in the magazine I might pass it along to her unless I can get another copy.

Often Barbara will pass along her copy. A few years ago “The Berry” brought two men in my parish together. Paul, my husband was passing along a copy of the issue about the Honorary Mayor of Maspeth, Frank Principe. Both men were scheduled as Eucharistic Ministers for the 12:00 noon Mass at Notre Dame of Bethlehem Parish in Pennsylvania. After Mass Paul showed the copy to Bernie Grello who said that Frank Principe was his uncle. Al Fiore said, “he is my uncle.” So after checking it out with their families sure enough they found out that they are cousins. Yes, we do have a lot of New Yorkers in our parish.  

It would be interesting to know how often a copy of the magazine is passed along to those who grew up in the area.  

Thank you for keeping your father’s legacy going.  It is a fine magazine and a treasure for those so far away from their hometown.

Mary (Longenecker) Kuehne
Bethlehem Parish, Pennsylvania

Response: We hear these kinds of stories frequently and always encourage former residents to pay their $20 dues to the JPCA at PO Box 275, Middle Village 11379 and they can have their own copy of the Juniper Berry mailed to them. ed.

Dear Editor: Your Juniper Berry magazine is so interesting and enjoyable to read, and certainly captures the “Old Maspeth” I recall. The articles of Maspeth memories in the 1950's, 1960's and earlier are vivid and priceless. They really bring you back to picture yourself once again walking up Grand Avenue. Your pictures of the Maspeth Car Barns, Grand Avenue stores and the area are wonderful. I have them all in my Maspeth scrapbook, which has articles, pictures and history as far back as 1642, the 1800's, and up to the present day.

Dolores Gluckler Cullen
Lakeville, Pa.

Obstacle Course

Editor: The attached photo shows the obstacle course I had to pass through this morning. Several months ago a vehicle parked on the sidewalk in front of this house was ticketed by the NYPD. The sidewalk was clear for about a week. After that, the vehicle was parked on the sidewalk every day and night. The address of this house is 53-84 66 Street in Maspeth.

By the way, there is parking available in the back of the property, but the people living in this house insist on parking on the sidewalk. Every Wednesday morning the vehicle and the trash block the sidewalk. These people are turning a beautiful area into a slum. Please help!

Name Withheld

Dozens of Rats

Editor: I have lived in Middle Village for 52 years (also my age) and live directly across Juniper Valley Park on 77th Place. I was informed of a rat problem in the playground at night. I went to investigate one night and must have seen dozens of rats in the playground running all over the place. This issue must be taken care of. We don’t want our children playing in a rat-infested park. Please have someone look at this problem ASAP.

Steven Kresse
Middle Village
A Job Well Done
Dear Inspector Cody: Relative to a situation that occurred during the hurricane on October 29, 2012 at All Faiths Cemetery I want to commend the professionalism of your officers.

You can be proud of these three individuals. Their demeanor reflects the leadership you display. I contacted the 104 Police Precinct regarding a fallen tree that was inside the Cemetery which knocked down a fence and blocked Metropolitan Avenue westbound causing an extremely dangerous condition. I was unable to obtain any assistance via 311 and the condition relative to
the tree reached an even higher level.

Be advised that the following members of your Command should be recognized for their outstanding service that was provided to the All Faiths Cemetery and the citizens of the City of New York residing within the confines of the 104 Police Precinct.

Please extend my gratitude to Sgt. Insingne, P.O.Ralph Szpak and P.O. Jack Kwiatkowski.

Very truly yours,
Daniel C. Austin
Chairman, President & CEO