The MTA recently released a plan to change the whole Queens bus network. The goal was to speed up service by putting buses on wider streets, having them make fewer turns, eliminating some stops, and shortening some routes.

The full proposal is on and is hundreds of pages long. Comments can be made online.

While most riders would like faster service, the proposals for the Middle Village, Glendale, Maspeth, Ridgewood area are shocking. Many routes are being eliminated and consolidated into others. In several situations people that may have had a one or two block walk to the bus stop will now have to walk 10-20 blocks. Parts of Middle Village, Glendale, and the whole Maspeth Plateau are left with no nearby bus transit at all!

MTA workshops have been overflowing with people that have serious concerns and issues. Social media posts on the bus service proposals have been overwhelmingly negative. Our local elected officials and transportation officials have been contacted by many and we hope they are listening. We urge that this bus plan be completely redone or have serious modifications!

Just some of the specific issues in our neighborhoods are listed below:

Q38 – Eliminated and consolidated into the QT77 which will only go down Eliot Ave to Woodhaven Blvd and Fresh Pond Road. No Service on the South Side of Juniper Valley Park. How will students get to Forest Hills High School and commuters to 63rd drive? Walking to Eliot Avenue everyday would be a hardship for many.

Q29 – Eliminated and consolidated to the QT10 which will only have service in Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. How will people from Glendale get to the subway and Queens Center Mall at Woodhaven Blvd? How will people be able to get to the Shops at Atlas Park by transit? How will the numerous schools along the route be serviced?

Q18 – Eliminated and consolidated into QT80 and the QT4. The QT80 will go down 58th Street and will be a difficult long walk for people on the Maspeth Plateau and in Woodside. The stops will also be in isolated areas surrounded by industry and cemeteries. The new QT4 goes down 69th Street and will also be a long walk for anyone in the 65th Place area. This bus is vital for commuters going to the 7 train and LIRR at 61 street and to get to Woodside and Astoria. The 69th Street station does not have the express train and elevator/escalator access.

Q67 – Eliminated and consolidated into the QT77 which will now go down Rust and 48th Streets without going to the 65th Place area of Maspeth, also bypassing the 69th Street area of Middle Village. How can people be expected to walk from 66th Street to 48th Street each morning in order to get to work or school? We need this bus for the 7 train, E train, G train and for all the colleges and high schools in LIC.

Q47 – Eliminated and consolidated into the QT4 which will only go down Grand Avenue with a left on 69th Street. No more service on 80th Street and Calamus Avenue. Glendale residents MTA workshop in Ridgewood overflowing with are cut off and it’s a long walk for the South Elmhurst people.