Thank you for fighting for us
Received the March 2019 “Berry” today and just finished the wonderful article by Victoria Cambranes. How lucky we are to have a fighter like you. So much information in this Berry. Thank you all that are involved with producing this wonderful publication.

June Mooney
via Facebook

Eyesore cleaned up, part 1
Dear Editor,
Although the trash can was removed years ago this hasn't stopped illegal dumpers on Grand Avenue near Mazeau Street from continuing to use it. This location is also a crosswalk. Sanitation Dept. just cleans it all up on regular collection days and says enforcement is too difficult to prove. On a happier note, I’m glad to report that the eyesore bikes by Maspeth High School featured in the March 2019 Juniper Berry were removed Monday, April 1st.

Richard Polgar

Eyesore cleaned up, part 2
Dear Editor,
CAC construction is responsible for the condition of the property they are leasing from All Faiths Cemetery on 69th Street. We informed them that the graffiti that appeared in your last issue was unacceptable and they removed it immediately.
Thank you.

Brian Chevanne, Superintendent
All Faiths Cemetery

Thanks for a great tour
Thanks to Birder Extraordinaire, Rob Jett, and Christina Wilkinson, President of the Newtown Historical Society, I enjoyed an informative walk through All Faiths Cemetery on Saturday, May 11. I was frustrated at how many times I missed seeing what Rob was seeing; even with the telephoto lens, I had a hard time spotting the little birds.

Steve Fisher

More power to the legislature
Dear Friends,
The powers of the Governor are found in the New York State Constitution and have been strengthened by recent Court of Appeals’ cases. The Governor uses these powers to force votes on thousands of pages of documents on a moment’s notice. The Legislature does not have the ability to add to any appropriation in the budget, and can only strike or reduce the Governor’s proposals.
The NY State Budget process goes against our founding principles of co-equal branches, and separation of powers. No branch should be able to completely dominate another, but the NY State Budget Process allows such.
I have proposed a Constitutional Amendment to the State Constitution to change this process. My Amendment would make the budget process equal between the branches. It would treat budget legislation like all other legislation. The Legislature would be able to amend the budget bills submitted by the Governor (including legislative power to increase appropriations), pass such legislation, and then send to the Governor for approval or veto. If the Governor vetoes, the Legislature can either over-ride the veto, or amend such legislation to send back to the Governor for approval/veto. This is how all other legislation works, and legislation dealing with hundreds of billions of dollars shouldn’t be any different. So, the next time the working middle class and seniors don’t get any help from the government in the State Budget, remember that it is the Governor’s budget, not that of the Legislature.

Brian Barnwell
NYS Assembly
District 30

Little Free Library for Juniper?
In January of 2019, I had an idea to put together a project to bring a Little Free Library to Juniper Park — specifically in the area of the 74th street playground knowing how many young families frequent that area of the park. I went through the necessary steps until I realized it would be so much more impactful to the community – which is the main goal of this project – if I collaborated with an established organization. I was instructed to start my own organization and a whole bunch of hoopla, but it's just smarter to go about it this way.
I very much so looking forward to hearing from you all.
Have a great day!

Matt Lebris
Middle Village

Congratulations on a hard-earned victory
Dear Editor,
I would like to Congratulate Our Lady of Hope's 4th Grade Girls Division 1 CYO Basketball Team on an undefeated season and winning the Diocesan Division 1 Championship for 2018-2019. Congratulations to the girls and their coaches on a great season!!
Thank you.

Donna Brucale

Tree replacement request
During a recent walk from Dry Harbor Road to Metropolitan Ave, I counted 24 trees of various sizes and 29 empty tree pits and a few dead trees. There is also room to plant many more trees along the sidewalk outside St. John's Cemetery as many of the larger trees there were knocked down in storms years ago. Trees give off oxygen and absorb air and noise pollution and are nice to look at and with all the traffic we see each day on Woodhaven Blvd we could use them. When I called Councilman Holden's office I asked if anyone else brought up this request and I was surprised when I was told no. I'm sure we can find other places along our busy highways to plants trees and greenery. Let's put the “wood” back on Woodhaven Blvd.

Richard Polgar