Dear Editor,
I haven’t written to you in some time and have a few thoughts to give. I have recently moved to Malverne. It is different but not home. Quite frankly it stinks. Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood and Glendale win hands down. I am planning on selling out of Malverne and moving back to Queens.

I am telling you this because I know that you receive a lot of flack because you fight for the above areas. Those who go against you are idiots and are the ones who should be run from these areas. These were some fantastic neighborhoods and still have good things to offer. I speak from experience on this. You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

Please, KEEP FIGHTING FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! It is worth fighting for! Just ask me and I will tell you exactly why. I am hoping to find another house in either Middle Village, Maspeth or Glendale and be back home soon. God willing this will happen within the next few weeks and I will again be able to come to your meetings. Maybe I can speak to the citizens and my bad experience may do some good.

Hopefully some will realize how important it is to stick together, realize what you have and protect it. The horrible nightmare of an experience has taught me a lot. If anyone doesn’t think your neighborhood is worth saving, let me talk to them. Or I can tell them about the pictures on the wall moving because of the vibrations from the planes, or not being able to sleep more than two hours a night, and the hordes of termites that overrun the houses on the south shore. Maybe they will realize that Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood and Glendale are worth fighting for. Our parents and grandparents believed so and they were the best of the best. Hope to speak to you soon.

Dan Trembinski

Dear Bob,
The reason why I’m writing you is to thank you. You and I spoke a few months ago with concern to mail delivery in my area.

You promptly got on the phone and had me in touch with the proper parties immediately and the results have thus far been positive; I believe that the delivery service has been much more reliable. You had asked me to let you know how things turned out and I must apologize for taking so long to follow-up. I would like to close by saying how really nice it is to live in Middle Village and to be a part of a real community. Thank you Bob, because you play a really large role in that, I can see that already after only living here for a year. If the opportunity presents itself I will come and say hello at the meeting. By the way, love the Juniper Berry and based upon your recommendation, I made a phone call today to switch to RCN.

Warmest regards,
Denise Cochran
Middle Village

Dear Mr. Holden,
Thank you for meeting with me after the 104 COP gathering last week. I was the woman who had found the drug bags in from of my home on 73rd Place in Middle Village. I am very pleased to report that the police have notified me twice already with progress reports. I am writing to you now to help in getting a stop sign on the corner of my block 73rd Place and 66th Road. It truly is a dangerous situation with all the cars that speed down 73rd Place just to make the traffic light. I feel that a stop sign on the block prior to the traffic light might slow down these drivers. Please advise me as to what I need to do to get the ball rolling. I also am very interested in attending the next Juniper Park Civic Assoc. meeting. I would like to become more involved in community matters.

Eileen Barrett
Middle Village

To Whom It May Concern
I am currently doing research into the Renne family, originally from Newtown (now Elmhurst) Queens. In the process of my research I received an interment list from Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The interment list indicates that two of the Individuals were removed from Pullis Farm, LI and buried in Mt Olivet on November 14, 1876. They were Susan Pullis and Thomas Pullis Sr.

Marilyn Fannon

Dear Editor,
You have to have eyes in the back of your head to cross streets nowadays. The worst corner is Grand Avenue at 69th Street. Most drivers do not yield to pedestrians and the problem is just getting worse. As a senior citizen I fear for my safety every time I cross the street. When will the 104th Pct. police start to enforce the law?

Middle Village

Dear Editor,
There is a general belief in this country that when an elected official takes a position on any issue, that official is voicing the will of the people that he or she represents. This is not so for the people of Western Queens, particularly the people that are represented by Congressman Anthony Weiner.

For instance, Congressman Weiner (who has not done a single thing for the communities of Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale or Rego Park) is supporting a proposal by Manhattan Congressman Jerrold Nadler to build a rail tunnel from New Jersey to Brooklyn and a huge train to truck transfer facility in Maspeth. This 143-acre facility would be a commodity and garbage transfer depot servicing the entire Metropolitan Area and Long Island. This facility would have a huge negative impact on the communities Anthony Weiner represents. It would bring thousands of additional trucks per day into Western Queens, cause unbearable traffic jams in an area already overly congested and result in the escalation of dangerous and deadly pollution levels. The people that Congressman Weiner represents are against this ill-conceived project as are the Mayor of the City of New York, the Borough President of Queens, and even the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey– the experts on rail transport.

Yet Congressman Weiner continues to support the Cross Harbor Tunnel project.. At this point we need to ask ourselves who does Congressman Weiner really represent- the people in Congressman Nadler’s Manhattan district or the special interests contributing to his campaign? He certainly doesn’t represent the people of Queens County.
It’s time for all citizens to step up and help protect our communities from the destructive Cross Harbor Tunnel project. It’s also time to make Anthony Wiener, ex-Congressman Weiner, a theme we should remember on Election Day, 2006.

Manny Caruana

Dear Editor,
I was reading Sunday's NY Daily News (March 13, NY's 1st-Class Junket Junkies) exposing our New York Congressman who take lavish trips at both taxpayer and special interest expense. American Taxpayers and voters deserve better than the likes of these freeloading Congressman especially Jerrold (Free Vacations in Wyoming) Nadler and Anthony (Free Trip to Antarctica) Weiner. In Congress those two resemble Abbott & Costello but there's nothing funny about the way they failed to deliver for New Yorkers and failed to represent their constituents. Congressman Anthony Weiner caters to special interests who have donated heavily to his campaign and cares little about his Brooklyn and Queens constituents who elected him.

He supports the Cross Harbor tunnel project and the 143-acre truck/train depot in Maspeth which would have a huge negative impact on the communities he is supposed to represent. So it’s not surprising to learn that the Antarctica junket he was part of cost taxpayers $350,000. It’s business as usual for Weiner.

Nadler and his wife take free vacations at the railroad’s expense while construction and transportation corporations and unions contribute large amounts of money to his campaign war chest. No wonder he is trying to push the white elephant $9 billion Cross Harbor project. It’s payback for his big contributors. Both Nadler and Weiner are prime examples of what's wrong with Congress, taking big campaign contributions from special interests while consistently voting for pork projects that fleece American taxpayers. If this doesn't cry out for “throw the bums out” I don't know what does.

Rudy Masi

Dear Editor,
Recently we found two stray cats that have been de-clawed in the vicinity of Caldwell Avenue and 75th Street. Both are beautiful and loving animals. We looked for “lost cat” signs but to no avail. Both cats are white, one pure white the other with black spots. Stray cats have a very difficult time surviving the elements, but without claws there is no way they can defend themselves and climb trees to escape predators.

In my opinion it is cruel to de-claw cats. In some states it is outlawed. Declawing hurts the animal. There should be a law that if a cat is de-clawed they must be implanted with an identification tag to track down the owner. Anyone who thinks that these stray cats might be theirs please call the JPCA at 718-651-5865. They will contact me.

Gloria Simile
Middle Village

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