A Jewel in Middle Village

Dear JPCA,
Enclosed please find my check for twenty dollars, payment for my subscription to your excellent publication “The Juniper Berry.” My mother-in-law lives in Middle Village and mother in Rego Park and although one of them usually passes on a copy I figure this is the best way to ensure that I never miss an issue. The historical photos of Middle Village are wonderful and the informative articles of issues important to the area are indispensable. “The Juniper Berry” is must reading for anyone who has an interest in this part of Queens.

Even though I now live in Westchester County, Juniper Valley Park and its environs is still close to my heart. I spent a great deal of my youth there from the late 1960’s through the mid 80’s. Although I have fond memories of days spent at Juniper, these were some tough years for the park itself. The vandalism and rowdiness of some was just accepted. The police were nowhere to be found and community involvement was at a minimum. At one point I remember the playground off Dry Harbor Road having been totally reduced to rubble by some local miscreants. During those years the surrounding property owners probably viewed the park as a liability and not as the jewel it has become today. This turn around could not have taken place without the efforts of your organization. I hope the people of Middle Village appreciate how fortunate they are to have an organization like the Juniper Park Civic Association watching out for their neighborhood. Keep up the good work.

Joseph E. Sullivan

Berry Berry Good
Dear Editor,
I lived in Middle Village for 26 years from the age of 7 years old until I was 33 years old. I then moved to Jamaica Estates and eventually settled in Florida.

I was visiting the Killcommons recently and they gave me a copy of your magazine. It brought back such fond memories.

I still am a frequent visitor to NYC – visiting all my friends “back home” in Middle Village. In fact, we are planning to arrive in Queens on September1st for a family reunion.

I’ve enclosed my membership check for $20. Please add my name to your membership/mailing list.

I look forward to receiving your magazine in sunny South Florida.

Sonya Cremin
Boca Raton, Florida

Gute gemacht!

Dear Bob:
Great! The latest Juniper Berry was a magnificent presentation of Professor O’Donnell’s article. Dramatic, informative, inspirational, well illustrated and readily available.

Congratulations on a good job, or as Adella Liebenow might have said, Gute gemacht!

Kenneth Leib
The Gen. Slocum Memorial Association

Juniper on the WWW

I wish to thank you for your wonderful web site and the article on the History of the Pullis Farm Cemetery Landmark.

As a child, I lived on Penelope Avenue (1944-50) and was a frequent visitor to Juniper Park. I remember a small area in the park surrounded by a tall, heavy metal fence, and have always wondered about its history.

Tonight, on a whim inspired by insomnia, I searched Google for “Juniper Park Queens Grave” and found your organization, and then the Pullis article.

I think I remember the Pullis farmhouse on Dry Harbor Road; it was torn down during my time in that neighborhood (1949?).

Thanks again and please keep up the great work.

Jack Powers
Powers Technical Services
Morgan Hill, CA

9/11 banners:Well Done

To JPCA Board Member Ed Kampermann
Dear Ed:
As a long time friend of yours I wish to acknowledge your dedication and effort for the Memorial Banner Program.

You are a truly wonderful and patriotic person and it is my personal pleasure to consider you a great friend and neighbor.

Anthony Asaro
Asaro Bros. Company (Banner Sponsor)

Wonderful Magazine
Dear Juniper Berry:
Enclosed find a check for $20 for a subscription to the Juniper Berry starting with Vol.#65 No.3.

I first saw your wonderful magazine at Zum Stammtisch Restaurant in Glendale. Parts of my family lived in Middle Village from 1924 to 1953. As a boy in the early 1950’s I used to bicycle over to Juniper Park and sometimes venture into the swamp at the West end of the park. I remember a man living in a shack in the swamp who used to pick out toys and fix them and give them to children. He gave me a metal pirates cap pistol around 1955. I wonder if anyone else remembers him? I lived on 69th Place in Glendale at the time. I’d like to purchase back issues of your magazine. Do you have any available? Thank you,

George Baker

We offer certain back issues of the Juniper Berry at no charge to members. We also distribute old issues periodically at Town Meetings. Ed.

Marathon Mayhem
Dear Editor:
I have lived in Middle Village basically my whole life. I attended Our Lady of Hope and Christ the King and I am currently a Physical Education Teacher at P.S. 87, also in Middle Village. I love this neighborhood and would never knock it without a good reason. I believe I now have one. On Sunday Morning, September 12th, I left my house to go to the gym in Woodside. On the way back from the gym I was stopped at 69th street and Grand Ave and told to turn around because they were running a marathon. I then took Calamus Ave. to 79th street only to be turned around again on 79th and Grand. I then returned to Calamus and made a left on Grand to Queens Blvd. I then took Queens Blvd. to Woodhaven Blvd. to Eliot Ave. I was then forced to turn left on 82nd st. I then took Dry Harbor to Penelope hoping to get around the park and take Eliot Ave. home via 69th pl. Unfortunately I was turned around at 69pl, again. Finally after 45 minutes of driving I parked my car at P.S. 49 and walked through Juniper Park and back to my house on 78th street. I am not complaining about the race, on the contrary as a Physical Ed. Teacher I am in favor of it. What I am asking is for the organizers of this race to come up with a more commuter friendly route.

Thank You,
Willy Termine
Middle Village

Target not French owned

I am a Veterans Specialist with the County of Rockland N.Y. Veterans Service Agency. One of our veterans brought in a copy of your March/April issue to show me the “ ‘Target’ OFF THE MARK” letter. You might be interested to know that it has been circulating in the internet for some time and is, to put it mildly, pretty far from the truth. We keep fairly close track of corporate dealings concerning Veterans issues and although some companies may deal unfairly with veterans, Target is not one of them. They are not French owned, they are a public company, and George Dayton has based the company in Minneapolis since its founding in 1902 as the Dayton Company.

If you wish more details, they are in our May Newsletter. I have included that particular page in the attachment.

Aurelio Orlandini
Rockland County

Photo not Pullis Cemetery

Dear Friends,
I noticed that the 1923 photo you ran in the Berry, June/July 2004, inside the front cover identifies the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society photo as the Pullis Farm cemetery – don’t know how this error occurred, but the view shows part of the old Methodist cemetery on the west side of Dry Harbor Rd. or Weisse Ave. (now 80 St.) just south of Furmanville Ave. and several blocks south of the Pullis Burial Ground. The original Methodist meeting house at Middle Village was located here before it moved to Metropolitan Ave. in the 19th century, and the old Methodist cemetery remained on current 80th St. until the small frame houses were built in the 1920s at the cemetery site on 80th St. The houses in the background are on 79th Place and on 79th St. south of Furmanville Ave. 
At the time of the photo in April 1923, there were about 6 stones still standing.
If you have the space, perhaps you can print a correction in a future issue of the BEST civic publication in Queens County, if not in all of New York City.

George Miller, Archivist, Greater Ridgewood Historical Society

Dear Editor:
I am responding to letters-to-the-editor written by L. Gennari, in the June/July (2004) issue of Juniper Berry. First and most importantly, our heart goes out to you and your family.

Secondly, the driver & I agree that at a certain age, a driving test should be done on a yearly or biyearly basis. As you mentioned, this is to protect all, pedestrians, animals as well as the driver.
Unfortunately, you have spoken without knowledge regarding the driver in this terrible accident. I know that she did call the hospital, to get status of your father. We also went through the phone book as to call you to express our greatest sympathy. There isn't a day which goes by where your father is not thought of. I cannot claim to know how it feels on either sides of this dilemma, having to live with an accident playing over and over in one’s mind; or having to see a loved one leave in such a manner. Either scenario has its burden to carry.

I was told that at one of the meetings you had in Manhattan, the driver wanted to express her condolences but was told by her attorney not to speak to anyone. Why? I haven't a clue, but that was also the reason a card was not sent, nor a phone call made. As her friend, I wanted you to know the reality of her grief as well as the heartache it has caused her, as well as you, I'm sure. If it is anger you have, I hope knowing the devastation she feels, will help you move past it. The fact is she can't even bring herself to read (the letter) you wrote.
Kathryn, A Friend