Remarks by State Assembly Member Marge Markey at the 8/31/16 meeting:

“Why are you booing me? Why? I am opposed to this shelter. I am not giving any money to it. You are being manipulated. I have not, nor has the state put any money into this shelter. We are not funding it, we are not cooperating and we oppose the shelter. But if you don’t want it – I guess you do because you’re booing me – then that is the answer. That is the answer. You are, as I said, being manipulated. Thank you, goodbye, take care.”
She then walked out and went home.

Markey was booed because she did not speak at the Martin Luther meeting, did not attend any of the protests in front of the hotel, skipped the March for Maspeth and has been wholly absent in her district for decades. Not because people are “being manipulated”.