1. Ink a dink in Pink
This little pink house at 72-35 Grand Avenue is frequently the target of vandalism. It currently sports fresh graffiti tags on top of old patchwork. If the homeowners are unable to clean the graffiti themselves, they can submit a “Forever Graffiti Free” form to the city and it will be done for them. The 104th Pct., Juniper Juniors and other area volunteer organizations also host cleanups throughout the year. The only way to stop the proliferation of graffiti is to remove it as quickly as possible.

2. Signs of the Times
Utility poles across the city attract more and more signs, all of them illegal. Who would hire or trust a company that is so low budget that they advertise illegally on NYC property? Also if you lose a pet please don’t post it on the street. Use civic Facebook pages or bulletin boards in stores. The big question is why the NYC DOT or DSNY is losing the battle against these illegal signs. Better enforcement could go a long way in reducing this blight.

3. Don’t Fence Me In
Before installing a fence around your property we recommend that you do a little research on a thing called height. In our zone, a front yard fence may not be higher than 4 feet (and rear yard fence no higher than 6 feet). We've seen homeowners erect fences over 10 feet! In addition to being issued a violation, offenders will have to attend a hearing and pay to correct the violation. We counted three offenders on 63rd Avenue near Woodhaven Boulevard with 6 ft. front yard fences.