DeRucci defacement
This empty corner building in Elmhurst, at Queens Boulevard and 57th Avenue across from the Rock Church, is quite the eyesore. Both sides of the building facing the street have been graffiti bombed. Painting on metal, glass, and concrete – these vandals don’t discriminate. Please report these incidents to 311.

Valley Bank Vandals
Another currently empty commercial building at Flushing Avenue and 64th Street in Maspeth, which was formerly a bank drive thru and this year has been proposed as a NYS licensed weed store, is also doing nothing to beautify the area. The grassy areas are frequently covered in litter and the structure itself is a graffiti canvas. Another 311 call is in order for this site.

Yeesh, there is an awful lot of wood dangling overhead along 69th Street. Replacing telephone poles shouldn’t result in pieces of the old ones entangled in wires and nailed to the new poles. Verizon, is this a permanent fix or are you going to clean it up sometime this decade?