The Hope # 1 team was placed as the bottom seed in the playoff picture and won three straight games to declare the title as CHAMPIONS. As quoted by the coach, offense wins games, but defense wins Championships. The champions only allowed a measly 4 goals during their 11-game season (including playoffs), because of their superb goalie (Shannon Pizzella) and defensive players (Paige Morello, Dana Bruno, Colleen Weber, Megan Allie and Nikki Morales). On 11/13, the Hope Hornets beat St. Francis DeSales by the score of 1-0, goal scored by Deanna Fedkowskyj. On 11/20, they defeated St. Thomas Moore in a shootout after regulation by the score of 3-1, goals were scored by Paige Morello, Nikki Morales and Seona Maloney. They won their Championship Game by the score of 1-0, with Seona Maloney scoring within the first four minutes of the game. Hope #1 defeated the undefeated first-place Hope #2 team for the title.

Here is a complete team roster of the Hope Hornets #1 soccer team by position:

Shannon Pizzella – Goalie
Megan Allie – Defense (Fullback)
Dana Bruno – Defense (Stopper)
Paige Morello – Defense (Fullback)
Colleen Weber – Defense (Fullback)
Nikki Morales – Defense (Sweeper)
Elizabeth DiBartolo – Offense (Halfback)
Mona Farrisa – Offense (Halfback / Forward)
Mary Casey – Offense (Halfback / Forward)
Seona Maloney – Offense (Forward)
Deanna Fedkowskyj – Offense (Forward)
Katie Lease – Offense (Forward)
Sarah Duryea – Offense (Forward)
Romy Weidner – Defense (Fullback)
Kristen Mazzio – Offense (Halfback)
Kaitlyn Murtagh – Defense (Fullback)
Alison Jagessar – Offense (Halfback)