It was confirmed recently what we all knew would happen, our beloved Niederstein’s Restaurant has been sold and will probably see the wrecking ball to make room for future ownership. Niederstein’s has been at its current location since the mid-1850’s. When I was a kid and my father would drive by Niederstein’s in our car I recall seeing a hitching post in the front. I remember glancing over whimsically as I imagined women in their long flowing dresses and men with their stogies hitching their horses to the post.

I would think, “Boy those were the good old days!” Well, when I think about it, riding by as a kid in my father’s Chevrolet, “those were the good old days!”

Many are muttering about why Niederstein’s wasn’t given Landmark status. Unfortunately Niederstein’s lost much of its architectural significance when it was remodeled in the 1970’s.

Many original fixtures were removed and aluminum siding became the facade. At that point steps should have been taken to preserve the building as a landmark. It wasn’t done and now we see the consequence of not putting in that effort.

We can only say, it was a great party, it’s over and now we go forward with just the memories of our good times at this truly warm, cozy beautiful restaurant. We wish the parting owner, Reiner Herrink and his family the best of luck in the future. Reiner was always a hands-on owner and he made every effort to see that your time spent in his restaurant was memorable.

In an age of fast food and rude indifference we will miss his graciousness.