Cable Television, Phone and High-Speed Internet. Who would have thought the revolution that underdog RCN started in 1997 would have come this far? Back in those days the incumbents dreaded the presence of an “overbuilder,” because it meant competition, and competition was bad.

With competition, came lower prices and higher standards for customer service and satisfaction. All things feared most by the big monopolies.

Back in those days, the incumbents said that bundling could never work – that it was a pipe dream to deliver video, voice and data over one network, with integrated billing that tied it all together. They had to say that, because
the incumbents couldn’t deliver such a product while keeping their rates in check and service levels high.

Well, they were partly right, it was a pipe dream – and so RCN built its own pipe – constructing a network and laying fiber throughout Manhattan and Queens designed to deliver the best telecommunications products, even those that weren’t conceived yet.

Where the incumbents were wrong, was in saying that it would cost too much and that those costs would be passed along to RCN customers in rate increases and other fees. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, RCN delivers top quality Cable TV, Phone and the fastest Internet service at the best value for our hard-earned dollar.

Today the incumbents tell a different story as they clamor to bundle services as well, but it’s like squeezing a round peg into a square hole – their networks just aren’t built to provide all three services.

True, the cable providers do offer phone service over the Internet with Digital Phone (VOIP – Voice Over the Internet Protocol), but while it may be less expensive, there are some serious concerns about reliability and quality.

The Phone providers are partnering with Satellite for video service, but what’s the difference, it’s still the same as sharing service providers.

To compare, let’s take a look at RCN’s most popular bundle, power CPI. It includes Digital Cable TV, premium channels and premium channels On-Demand. In addition, you get unlimited Local, Regional and LD calling and 5 phone features. You also get the fastest Cable Internet connection in the country, MegaModem Mach 10 (with 10
Mbps downloads). RCN’s rate is just $132/month for 12 months (this rate includes a $20 off promotion – the regular price is $152/mo). The competition offers a similar suite of services with Cable TV, Digital phone and only 5Mbps Modem for about $160/month.

The bottom line is, no one wants to pay more for less and we have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to the monopolies exactly how we feel – by switching to a company like RCN. In addition to getting a great deal on service, we’ll be supporting a local provider dedicated to serving the needs of the local community.


Take it from Bob Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association… “When we decided to make the switch to RCN, we were concerned that lower prices would translate into sub-par service.

It turns out that we shouldn’t have been concerned at all. Our Internet connection is faster than any other providers, the phone service is clear and reliable, we have access to more channels on cable TV for less money and customer service has been far superior to the competition.”

Holden also said that another great thing about RCN is that they are community oriented. They sponsor local sports teams and are working with the JPCA on several security plans to fight neighborhood vandalism.

And finally, RCN recently scored higher than the competition and well above even the industry average in the
J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Residential Cable/Satellite TV Customer Satisfaction Study.

The bottom line is – RCN is a fighter…and it’s good to have a fighter on your side.