Americans have always prided themselves as people who respond to the needs of others around the world in times of catastrophic events, lead the world in producing the best doctors and inventing cutting edge medical procedures and provide a haven for those threatened due to their political or religious beliefs.

Just looking at the recent Olympic Games held in Rio, how many times was it mentioned that an athlete competing for another nation was trained and educated in the United States.

America became this great nation, in part, because of two bloody wars based on principle, where one led to independence and the other to unification. And now, this united and independent nation, with its long legacy of greatness is on the brink of real collapse.

The collapse I speak of is not so much an economic collapse, although America’s finances should certainly be of great concern, but rather a moral breakdown.

The modern liberal agenda has spent decades focusing on taking God out of the consciousness of Americans, particularly the young. And the recent presidential election primary results speak volumes as to the success of that goal.

How else could a candidate such as the 74-year-old devout socialist like Bernie Sanders attract such a large following? Where is the critical thinking needed to confront Sanders’ promises of making public universities tuition-free or free health care for everyone? And how is it possible that a woman like Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democratic party even though she helped collapse America’s healthcare system and was a chief architect of the carnage we are now witnessing in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine? And let’s not forget to mention the unambiguous fact that she lied numerous times to all Americans for over a year regarding her private server (former President Richard Nixon resigned for much less) and lied to the parents of Americans murdered in Benghazi and then publically called those same grieving parents liars.

How an individual such as Hillary, who is a pathological liar and steeped in many scandals could even be considered, much less leading in the polls for the top job in this country is a resounding victory for the godless liberal agenda – a plan that has produced millions of Americans who do not know The Bible, The Bill of Rights or the Magna Carta but religiously follow the latest fashion trends or sports statistics.

The thought process where people rely on others to pay the bills or protect society has brought us to this precipice. Godlessness in our schools, our entertainment industry, our sources of information and our leadership has set us on a path where morality is relative; wealth equals success, and justice is a belief held only by the naïve.

Our American society has grown in knowledge and departed from wisdom. We have forgotten that just as in the case of natural death, America's death will come like a thief in the night, unannounced while everyone is asleep and at this moment America is fast asleep.