As our members are aware, for the June/July 2002 issue of the Juniper Berry we decided to try to sell the magazine at the local stores (for $2.00). The reason we did this is simple, the Juniper Berry, a 56-page full color all-volunteer magazine, is both expensive to produce and distribute. It is supported mostly by the members of the Juniper Park Civic Association who pay $15 a year for membership and receive the Berry in the mail.

Unfortunately, selling copies on the newsstands was more difficult than we anticipated. Residents, used to picking up the Berry for free, continued to do just that. Most were walking out of the stores with them thus leaving the merchants responsible for the cost. Some angry residents when told they would now have to pay for the Berry even blamed the merchants for having the audacity to charge for the magazine.

In the past we offered the Juniper Berry free to keep residents aware of what was going on in their community. Ultimately we were hoping those people, after reading the magazine, would voluntarily become JPCA members and pay the membership dues.

That isn’t a lot to ask. Think about it. If you expect us to continue to do our good work and help the community we so dearly love, we have one simple request – join the JPCA, or maybe volunteer. We can always use more voices of concerned residents. We would love to see you at meetings, because our power comes from the numbers of members we have, but if not, simply join to receive the Berry, the Queens Ledger local paper and the piece of mind knowing you have joined forces with something great. Let’s all make this the best community we can and be proud…together.

For now we will return to distributing the Juniper Berry in stores and banks for free. We hope that residents will “do the right thing” and join the Juniper Park Civic Association. If you are reading this magazine and you are not a member please invest $15 to help protect your community and keep the Juniper Berry going.

Please fill out the coupon in this magazine with a check for $15 and mail your name and address to: Juniper Park Civic Association, PO Box 790275, Middle Village, NY 11379. And please don’t “steal” the Berrys.