This is my story
That I would like to send
To a very special dear old friend

I would like to say, “thank you”
For always being there
Although sometimes I never noticed
Or really didn't care

For so long I never even
Looked your way
Yet you stood and waved at me
Every single day

The entire world knows you because
You're beautiful and bright
You've always stood proud
At our times of peace or fight

Too bad I only spoke to you
When the teacher said I should
I'd go back and change it all
If only I could

But since I can't, I'll promise this
To my special dear old friend
That you have my loyalty and
My love to the very bitter end

Because it was you that held us together
When times were pretty tough
You never spoke a word
Your mere presence was enough

Thank you for listening my friend
I'm sorry it took so long to say
I just realized this recently
On that unforgettable Tuesday

This great story was for you my friend
Although I know I shouldn't brag
But it was my way of saying
How much I love my beautiful flag