Commercial vehicles parked on a residential street from
9 PM to 5 AM (except emergency vehicles) are in violation of the law. Call the 104th Precinct (366-3004) after 8 PM to have a summons served. Keep calling. You do not have to give your name. Tell the officer you are a member of the Juniper Park Civic Association. Take note of the time you called and remember to get the officer's name for future reference.

Commercial vehicles – or boats parked in a residential driveway or a backyard are also in violation. Call the Dept. of Buildings at 520-3401 or (212) 227-7000.
In Community Board #5 (Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Glendale) call 366-1834 during business hours.

You can telephone the Building Department complaints to their complaint desk at (718) 520-3401 or (212) 227-7000. Use the Juniper Park Civic Association's name and our address, P.O. Box 790275, Middle Village, NY 11379 as your address on these complaints (and those listed above). We will then receive the results from the Building Department.

To register a complaint after 4:30 p.m. or weekends…
For a non-emergency call the Central Complaint Center at 212 227-7000. The Night Emergency Squad handles all emergencies/variances after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends. Their number is 212 566-3403.

Illegal apartments use the number listed above. Suspicious construction as (no permit posted) call 212 227-7000 to report the same.

Other important numbers include:
Quality of Life Hotline: 888-677-LIFE
Community Relations in the 104th Pct. – 386-2431. Crime Prevention – 386-2491.


Did you know that Section 22-322 of the zoning resolution of the Department of Buildings, New York City, does not permit real estate companies to attach a “SOLD” rider on a for sale sign which is legal?

Report violations to the Department of Buildings at (718) 520-3401 or (212) 227-7000.

Give them the above section of resolution when making your report. Use our name and P.O. Box address and also record the name of the person accepting the report.

Area Code Changes in the Works

Effective February 1, 2003, all callers in the New York City area will be required to dial 1 + area code + the seven digit phone number for ALL local calls. For example, this means that if you are in Queens, and your phone number is 718 555-1212, and you want to call 718 464-3369, you will now have to dial ALL eleven digits (1 718 464-3369), every time.

The charges for these calls will not change, just the dialing procedure. Why? The Federal Communications Commission requires that in an area such as NYC, when more than one area code covers the same neighborhood, area codes must be dialed. Dialing 911 and 411 will not change, only those three digits are required.

The current area codes in NYC are:
Manhattan: 917 212 646
Queens: 917 718 347
Brooklyn: 917 718 347
Staten Island: 917 718 347
Bronx: 917 718 347

Please prepare yourself in advance. Some examples of what may need to be changed: Computer modems, Fax machines, Alarm systems, Call Forwarding, Speed dialers, Business cards, invoices and stationery, These items can be changed now. Alarm companies will be very busy with these changes in January and February, so call them NOW to avoid any
loss of your protection.