Back in June, the Department of City Planning made the rounds of community boards in an effort to get them on board with reducing the proof necessary for opening legitimate businesses such as spas, gyms and massage parlors. Currently an applicant needs to obtain a permit from the Board of Standards and Appeals but City Planning is look- ing to eliminate that. The problem is that DCP wants these businesses to be treated like medical offices and be allowed to open in residential areas, where they are now limited to commercial zones. JPCA Sgt at Arms Patrick Trinchese, a CB5 board member, had this to say, “It is nearly impossible to get those people out whether they are licensed or not. I have no faith in the mayor’s position on this. I think this is a terrible idea.” City Planning asserts that these businesses would have to prove they are licensed and any violation would be report- ed to the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement, but gave no indication on how this would actually go down.