The educational environmental group NYCH2O has done some great work recently at the Ridgewood Reservoir. They cleared the path between Basins 1 and 2 which is now open to the public. They also have an extensive educational program that brings kids closer to nature. However, while purporting to be environmental group, they simultaneously are advocating for removal of nature from Basin 3 and have released some pretty horrifying renderings of what they would like to accomplish. A performance space and playground at the bottom of the basin as well as conversion of the pumphouse into an “H2O Lab” for their own use. This is something that will require hundreds of millions of dollars in City funding, which is not likely, but it’s time to nip this bad idea in the bud now. We fought to save the reservoir to protect nature. There are already other spaces in Highland Park that can accommodate this activity. No, just no.