JUNE 10 Based on a complaint at the JPCA Town Meeting
regarding “For Sales Signs” ON A CAR with no plates, we went to the location after the meeting and towed the car.

JUNE 19 We issued 10 summons in Juniper Valley Park from
930pm till 1045 pm for beer drinking. In addition 8 parking summons to vehicles were issued.

JULY 10, members of the 104th Precinct Conditions unit arrested a 25 year old resident of Maspeth in Ridgewood for auto-breakins. Upon further investigation, he
was in possession of credit cards and property from prior vehicle thefts in Glendale and Middle Village. He is currently incarcerated in Rikers Island.

JULY 12 At approximately 1119 pm, members of the 104th
Precinct Conditions unit arrested a 16-year old resident of Maspeth inside of Juniper Valley Park for possession of 27 Xanax pills. This male was also wanted for a Grand Larceny (Stolen Wallet from a Vehicle) that occurred in Glendale on June 01. The criminal history of this individual includes prior Robberies, Grand Larceny, and numerous auto breakins. He is currently incarcerated on Rikers Island.

We have been seeing a increase in teenagers hanging out and drinking in the park from 10pm till 2am. I have redirected our conditions team to dedicate more time
at this location during these times. As a result, we have
issued 26 summons over the last week. Most of these kids are Middle Village and Maspeth residents.

August 1 at approximately 0655 hours, we arrested a 42 year old male for breaking into cars at 69 Place and Juniper Blvd South. This male has a extensive criminal
history for auto breakins. He is currently incarcerated.
August 9, at approximately 0020 hours, members of the
precincts conditions team arrested a 27 year old male for attempting to steal tires and rims from a 2009 Ford
Econoline Van. This incident occurred at 59-08 61 Street. The male has a extensive criminal history and was wanted for a shooting in another command.

August 10 at approximately 0900 hours, an 83-year old female was the victim of a deception Burglary. The perpetrators rang the lady’s bell and stated they were there to clean the upstairs apartment of an elderly tenant. Once inside the lady’s house, they stated the tenant was not home and asked to leave their phone number for the tenant. When the homeowner went to get a pen, they removed her pocketbook. The perpetrators are described two Hispanic females in their forties who had a
10 YEAR OLD CHILD WITH THEM. This incident occurred at
60-XX 56 Drive August 11 at 445am, members of the 104th Precinct arrested a 27 year old Maspeth resident for
smoking marijuana in the park. This male has 11 prior arrests for drug distribution. In addition, we have issued 9 summonses for park after dark and alcohol.

In regards to the PIX-TV news which questioned the ten days to make a arrest in the Maspeth burglary. There are proper identification procedures that must be followed before a person can be taken into custody when identified
through Facebook and other social media accounts. These
procedures are safeguards to protect anybody who is accused of a crime. This procedure is similar to a lineup procedure where a witness or victim must identify a person who is accused of committing a serious crime. The precinct conducted a investigation which included attempts to locate the individual at his residence.
The defendant was arrested when he showed up for court and was taken into custody and charged with Burglary.