Dear community members, civic leaders, elected officials and stakeholders of the 104th Precinct,

I have been notified that Thursday, December 7, 2023, will be my last day assigned as the Commanding Officer of the 104th Precinct.

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their continued support and partnership with the 104th Precinct. Your partnerships are invaluable for us here at the 104th Precinct, and I’m proud of all the outstanding work we have collaborated upon together. Together we have made progress in efforts to increase public safety and stabilize crime over the past 18+ months. Here are some highlights I’d like to share with you:

In 2022, your 104 cops increased quality of life enforcement including a 13% increase in arrests, a 32% increase in traffic violation summonses, a 56% increase in criminal court summonses, and a 372% increase in Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings summonses. With our enforcement focus on motorbikes/ATVs/mopeds/dirt bikes the 104th Precinct increased confiscations by 333% as well as increases in motorbike-related arrests and summons by 161% and 27%, respectively.

This past year in 2023, as of December 3, 2023, your cops of the 104th Precinct have been working hard and have increased quality of life enforcement on top of the increases in 2022, including a 35% increase in motorbikes/ATVs/mopeds/dirt bikes confiscations, as well as motorbike-related arrests and summons increases of 52% and 84%, respectively. Additionally, we have seen a 44% increase in the issuances of criminal court summonses, a 47% increase in Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings summonses, and a 36% increase in illegal firearm recoveries.

Regarding crime, our major index crimes are up 1.5%, but with a 6% decrease in felony assaults, a 9% decrease in misdemeanor assaults, a 12% decrease in petit larceny, a shoplifting decrease of 22%, a 27% decrease in burglaries, and a 44% decrease in shooting incidents. Additionally, our overall crime complaint reports are down 8% compared to 2022.

Moreover, together we have implemented several new strategies to combat quality of life issues, public safety hazards and foster greater community relations such as:

  • A pilot program where traffic agents are now responding to 311 parking complaints to help increase response times and free up officers to respond to other crime and quality of life conditions
  • Multiple monthly towing operations targeting illegal parking, abandoned vehicles, and other illegal vehicles such as those with fraudulent paper plates, resulting in well over 500 vehicles towed this year so far
  • Partnerships with neighboring precincts to locate and combat loud car meets and other noisy groups, including seizing speakers without permits to quell loud music/noise.
  • We started the tradition of an annual 104 Precinct Halloween Haunted House, with two successful years in a row for our local youth to enjoy.

My assignment to the 104th Precinct has been an absolutely amazing experience, and I will always remember my time here as one of my favorite assignments with the NYPD – a large part of that is because of all the great people here in the 104th Precinct, both the members of the 104th precinct and all of you out there in the communities of the 104!

On Friday, December 8, 2023, I will begin my new assignment as the Commanding Officer of the 109th Precinct.

Thank you so much for collaboration, support and friendships.

With kindest personal regards…

Kevin J. Coleman
Deputy Inspector
Commanding Officer, 104th Precinct
New York City Police Department