It is no secret that I am a staunch Republican, but I want everyone to be aware of a very important Democratic primary coming up on June 25th. The only primary this year is for Queens District Attorney. Running in the race are seven candidates, but only one stands out as having the right experience for the job. Only one rose through the ranks at the District Attorney's office before being elected a Supreme Court Justice. Only one is opposed to closing Rikers Island and opening community jails. Only one is likely to honor the legacy of the late Richard A. Brown and continue with the policies and reforms he put in place. And only one has sought the support of the Juniper Park Civic Association and asked to speak at one of our meetings. That candidate is Greg Lasak. If you are a registered Democrat in Queens County, please cast your vote for Greg Lasak. The safety of our borough is dependent on the choice you make at the ballot box later this month.