Brooklyn Standard Union May 25, 1931
John WHALEN, Civil War veteran, 81, of 9010 Elmhurst avenue, Elmhurst, had already picked out his horse, but he won't ride this year in the Memorial Day Parade.
Wearing his uniform, the old gentleman collapsed last night into the arms of his friends, John MATTHEWS and George VEN ETT, while a chorus was signing “America” at the Allied Veterans' memorial services in the First Reformed Church, Long Island City. They carried him out, but he didn't regain consciousness, and was dead when an ambulance surgeon arrived.
WHALEN enlisted as a trumpeter and served with the Second Dragoons under SHERIDAN. He spent thirty years with regular cavalry after the war, in the West.
He was night superintendent of Squadron A Armory in his later years, and always scorned automobiles in favor of a horse.
Surviving are three sons, all of whom have had military service, and two daughters. Funeral services will be held Thursday at his home and buried will be in St. Michael's Cemetery.