The Post Office at Columbia Avenue and Grand Street, Maspeth, Queens, was broken into by firemen early yesterday morning and about $1000 in stamps and money was taken. No arrests as yet have been made, but the police have hopes of locating the men in the Ridgewood section of Brooklyn before many hours. The police do not think that the work was done by professionals from the way they went about dynamiting the safe in securing the booty.

About 2 o’clock in the morning the people living in the immediate vicinity of the Post Office, which is a little, one-story frame building, were suddenly awakened by the sound of an explosion. A trolley car coming from North Beach was passing the door at the time, and the motorman brought the car to a sudden stop. The people seeing smoke coming out of the window of the Post Office, rushed over, thinking there was a fire. Two of the residents who got there early saw five men rush out of the back door, and from the description given the police they were all dressed in black and that they were big men and two of them carried small satchels. A policeman who was on the trolley car bound for home came over and investigated the matter, and found that the safe had been blown open and that a part of the upper part of the office was destroyed by the force of the explosion.

Detective McGrattan found a number of registered letters and packages strewed along the road to the cemetery, and several others found other letters, all of which had been opened. Four twenty-dollar bills were found later in the day by citizens, which were turned over to the police.