Fuzzy Karma
Karma is an ancient concept; a simple explanation is that if you do something good, then good will comes back to you. By adopting and caring for a pet, you can do something good for another living creature.

All over Middle Village, up, down, left, right, inside or out you can find all kinds of pets. All along Juniper Valley Park you can see many pets and their owners, some jogging together, some walking, some even on roller blades while a pet runs at their side. I myself am a pet owner. I have a wonderful dog named, “Duchess,” (see photo) she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She gives us so much love in return for the caring we give her.

Pets are not just fuzzy friends around the house, but many are also life savers. For example, when a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake occurs there are dogs that smell for scents of humans and rescue them. Dogs can also hunt smells to help find murderers or drugs or even bombs. Some dogs are specially trained for the blind or deaf. There are many stories of these special dogs that save lives.

Pets are also great company. A family needs to research dog breeds to see what type fits best with your family. Cats are great pets too; they are calmer and can take care of themselves easier than a puppy. For people who want to get a puppy you should know how hard it is to train a rambunctious puppy. My friend Thomas (“T-MO”) has a dog named “Finnegan.” Finnegan actually ate his homework in the fourth grade. He brought it in a plastic bag as evidence for the next day. The dog really ate his homework!

For those who want an older dog, the adoption centers are the best place to find a match. If you get a pet from a shelter you can save a life because thousands die every day because there are too many in the shelters. And just think, if you save their lives, Karma will come back to you too! Duchess reminds me every day how to give love and get it back in return.