We start this Killy’s Korner with an important neighborhood announcement. The year 2010 marks Our Lady of Hope’s 50th Anniversary year. Many of us still remember the humble beginning of this beautiful Church, a tent on Eliot Avenue that was used before the building construction got underway. Reverend Michael Carrano, Pastor, is hard at work planning this momentous occasion with a calendar of events.

I ran into “neighborhood legend,” Bobby Kane recently. Bobby, approaching 90 years old in March 2010, looks well, still has the friendly demeanor and if you don’t know who Bobby Kane is, let me give you a brief bio. Bobby Kane spent his life devoted to sports. He had his hand in all the local sports organizations as athletic director of Our Lady of Hope’s sports program, the CYO and the Kiwanis. He is a friendly and personable gentleman and the years have only enhanced his generous gift of giving to the youth of our neighborhood and beyond. Happy 90th Birthday, Bobby, and we hope you have many more years gracing our neighborhood with your presence.
Bill and Jo-Anne Rella, from Maspeth, and Anthony and Roseann, from Floral Park, are the proud grandparents of Alexandra Rose, born January 25, 2010. Mom, Dad (Angela & Nicholas) and big brother, Anthony, are doing well and enjoying their new addition. Of course, Great Grandparents, Ver Rella, from Middle Village, Frank and Millie Iaconetti, from Yonkers, are ecstatic! You all know “grandma,” Jo-Anne Rella, who works in Our Lady of Hope Rectory.  Congratulations to all!

John Veracoechea and Jenny Lundman were married on February 12th at Resurrection Ascension Church.  A beautiful reception followed at Carlyle on the Green at Bethpage. A great time was had by all.  Congratulations Jenny and John. John is the son of long time JPCA member John Veracoechea Sr. and his wife.

There was a big 100th Anniversary Celebration for Ladder Co. 128 at the firehouse in Greenpoint with all the brass in attendance, including new Fire Commissioner, Salvatore Cassano, Chief of Department, Edward Kilduff and Middle Village resident, Chief of Counterterrorism, Joseph Pfeifer. Your friendly Killy’s Korner reporter was a firefighter at Ladder Co. 128 for thirty years and had the honor to be one of the speakers at the event which was covered by television and newspaper reporters, including NY1.
Nicole Werner, third grader from Our Lady of Hope, won first place for primary grades in the Poster contest sponsored by the Catholic Telemedia Network of Brooklyn and Queens.  The contest theme was:  Catholic Schools:  Dividends for Life. Congratulations Nicole!
It looks like 77th Street in Middle Village has the market cornered on Our Lady of Hope Students of the Month and we extend our Congratulations to these bright kids. The Students honored are Katie Killcommons, Neil O’Donnell and Dana Cerillo.
JPCA member, Rae Baumeister, writes the following message to Killy’s Korner about her friend, Barbara Palevicz: Barbara has been a parishioner of Our Lady of Hope since “the tent” in 1960. She spent many hours taking care of the altar, cleaning, etc. She now resides since March 2009 at Ozanam Hall Nursing Home in Bayside. Last November 24th fourteen parishioners celebrated Mass with Barbara in the chapel at Ozanam and afterwards had lunch at a nearby pub. We had a great time as we were celebrating her 106th birthday (DOB 11/24/03). She’s unbelievable! We agree, Rae, and we too congratulate Barbara Palevicz on her milestone birthday and for her charitable work in the community.
In fact Barbara’s male counterpart, Carl Berner, still lives right here in Middle Village, and just had his 108th Birthday! He was born on January 27, 1902! What’s all this talk about the bad air we’re breathing? Go on junipercivic.com and read about Carl’s amazing life and the milestones in history that occurred during his 108 years.

Producer, Ronald Hellman, is bringing another production to the Queens Theater in the Park. The name of the new show is called “Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell” and it will be shown at the Queens Theater at Flushing Meadows for five performances only, March 19, 20 and 27th at 8pm and Sundays, March 21 and 28th at 3pm. For ticket information call 718 428 2500 Ext. 20 or 718 760 0064 (box office). Ron Hellman’s productions at the Queens Theater are a great way to see classy theater in our own neighborhood with no hassle and expense of traveling to NYC. Give them a call and let us know how you enjoyed the show. Point of information, one of the stars of this show is Middle Village’s own Pat Clune, a retired NYC School Principal and District Leader.

There was a big bash 80th birthday celebration for Ezio Benini in Abbracciamento’s and Ezio, who is a former JPCA Executive Board member, was toasted very proudly by his wife, Joann (former JPCA President) and his two sons, Steve and Richard. Happy Birthday Ezio and we look forward to seeing you around town for many years to come!

Saturday night Rich Werner threw a 40th Birthday bash at his house for his wife, Kelly. The theme was “Back to the 80's” with photos taken in the 80's, movies, TV shows, and many pictures of the neighborhood back then. There were also the movie theaters of the day; the Drake, the Arion and the Oasis. The best part was that over forty friends arrived dressed in clothes from the 80's and hairdos that matched. The girls had the high hair and the guys had their 80's hairdo, others had large “BOOM BOXES” playing loudly. Rich himself was dressed as Don Johnson in a cool white suit. Everyone had a great time.
Middle Village resident, Denise Caiafa celebrated a Birthday on January 17th.  Happy Birthday Denise!
JPCA Member Mary Rosenbaum and Carol Scacalossi celebrated their birthdays with friends at Abbracciamento’s on Jan. 20th.
Congratulations girls!

Happy Birthday wishes to Sarah Killcommons who is 3 years old. Let’s not forget to mention that Nicole Werner’s new puppy, Bailey, was named Cutest Dog of the Month by the Forum Newspaper.
This announcement just in to Killy’s Korner from Josephine Lume – Congratulations to Cathy Lume on her full academic scholarship to Christ the King Regional High School after scoring in the high percentiles on the entrance exam. She was also accepted to St. Frances Prep and Molloy Honors but is most fond of Christ the King, coming full circle after having attended Daycare and Preschool as a child at the highly respected Christ the King Community Daycare Center. Cathy graduates this summer from Our Lady of Hope School. Cathy is adored by her family and most of all by her parents and her 2 brothers, Joe, 16 & Nick, 11.

The JPCA Christmas Raffle and Executive Board Party were great successes. The raffle had our area businesses donating their gifts for our Town Meeting Party at Our Lady of Hope and we had the JPCA Executive Board Christmas celebration at our new neighborhood restaurant, La Bella Cucina. There was Christmas music and songs from singer, Angela, food to die for and owner Joe Passanante working the room wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. These happy times go by too quickly!

Also celebrating Christmas at La Bella Cucina on the same night was a group of local Middle Village women who have been friends for many years. They are all familiar faces and they too enjoyed the great food and friendly atmosphere at La Bella Cucina. They sent their picture to Killy’s Korner. They are Top: Karen Schaefer, Joanne Kedrovic, Bottom: Pat Gowans, Mary Dunn, Eileen Carvelli, Mike Kelly.

Did you know that within a few miles from our hometown we have one of the finest rehab cardiac centers in Queens? I’m talking about the Cardiac Health Center at 174-03 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, New York 11365. The Center’s program is recommended for people with a high-risk profile for heart disease, as well as those with known heart disease who want to improve their cardiovascular health. The Cardiac Health Center provides resources that are unique in the Borough of Queens. For information call 718 670 1695. Also, they take Medicare insurance.

By the time you read this the building of the new Chase Bank on Eliot Avenue and 74th Street in Middle Village will be underway with a target opening date of June 2010.

The Mulchfest went on as planned when everyone with a “real” Christmas tree brought it up to Juniper Valley Park for recycling. Volunteers gave out drinks to the workers and it was great to see NYC continuing its path down the green road, not wasting any of the good stuff, by returning the trees back into the environment.

Well that brings to an end another Killy’s Korner until the next issue of the Juniper Berry. I heard a funny joke recently which I’d like to share with all the cheerleaders of Killy’s Korner. Here goes – there was a very rich gentleman who attended the Superbowl and who had the best seats in the house. However, the seat next to him was empty and a nearby spectator commented that the seat could probably have been very easily filled. The rich gentleman replied, “well that seat belonged to my dear wife who recently died.” The spectator responded with “I’m very sorry to hear that but couldn’t you share the Superbowl moment with a close relative or friend?” The rich gentleman responded “You don’t understand, they’re all at the funeral!”

Please send us your happy news events so we may include them in Killy’s Korner, which has become a very popular read in the Juniper Berry. We would like to include news from all over our neighborhood where we have many JPCA members.