4 June 1931 Brooklyn Eagle – Possession of thirty-five dresses, four hats and many pairs of silk stockings is sufficient reason for a 14-year old girl to remain home with her father, Supreme Court Justice DUNNE has ruled in Special Term,Jamaica.

Up until three weeks ago,Beatrice SCHNEIDER, the girl, lived with her father, Herman, at 5433 Metropolitan avenue, Ridgewood. Then she visited her sister, Mrs.Irene RUPPELL at 174 Engert avenue,Brooklyn, and failed to return home. Unable to win her back his daughter, SCHNEIDER decided to go before Justice DUNNE to gain custody of the child on a writ of habeas corpus.

Beatrice told Justice DUNNE of her many fineries, and admitted it was ''not so bad to live home.'' The court directed her to return to her father as she had been given proper care since babyhood.