If you haven’t been bothered enough by Verizon’s incessant and overly aggressive marketing campaign of Fios, just look again and you may start asking yourself… what’s next? Adding to the daily telemarketing calls, junk mail, TV and radio commercials we were shocked that Verizon thought it was just fine to set up their tent on Eliot Avenue on the corner of 75th Place to further bombard us. Trying to monopolize the TV, internet and phone service is not an easy task. Using traditional methods of marketing and advertising is not enough. These red-clad geniuses thought it was acceptable to place an “A” frame sign, tent, table and chairs on Eliot Avenue. And this wasn’t the first time, last year they set up a tent on Eliot Ave. and 71 St., next to Our Lady of Hope Auditorium. After the JPCA alerted the 104th Pct., Verizon was put in their place.