AM-NY reported in August that Maspeth topped the list of dog waste complaints across the city, registering the most official complaints per 10,000 people. We applaud the residents of Maspeth for being vigilant about this public health concern. Dog owners are required to abide by the “pooper-scooper” law, which was passed in 1978. Those who are caught violating the law should expect to receive a $250 fine from the Department of Sanitation.

Unfortunately, a DSNY officer must personally witness the transgression in order to issue a summons. And sanitation police, just as other members of law enforcement, are woefully understaffed. However, DSNY has been known to stake out problem locations if they are made aware of them. Please be advised that homeowners are required to remove dog waste from the sidewalks in front of their property even if their dog was not responsible for depositing it.