I had the opportunity recently to talk to Joe DiGangi, who is now the owner of Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli in Middle Village. Joe bought the business over two years ago from his Mother, who had managed the store when her husband, Mario, passed away several years ago.
Joe stated that he wants very much to follow the tradition of his Dad, Mario, by providing excellent service to our community with top quality meats.
He said that Mario's now carries meats that other butchers don't such as in house aged steaks, grass fed beef, organic chicken and the old schoolhouse tradition of meats not boxed which means they in Mario's will break the meat down themselves. Mario's Meats & Gourmet also makes their own dry sausage from scratch.
Joe told us that he expanded the catering facilities of Mario's Meats and that means customers can call and order their prepared foods on the phone.
We wish Joe DiGangi continued success as he goes forward as the owner of Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli and their many customers can rest assured the future of Mario's Meats will continue in the same excellent tradition of quality and efficiency which was the hallmark of the original owner, Joe's Dad, Mario DiGangi.

Mario's Meats & Gourmet Deli
7553 Metropolitan Ave
Middle Village
Tel: 718-326-7973