While it seems like ancient history at this point we would like to take a moment to list the local businesses that donated their gifts to the JPCA Christmas Raffle in December. These are the good guys and gals of the neighborhood and in these tough economic times we ask you to patronize them when you go into the marketplace to spend your precious dollars. They are part of the backbone of our great community. We need them and they need us!

Bauer’s Bake Shop – Bauer’s also regularly donates their cakes to JPCA meetings and to the Christmas Raffle in addition to a gift certificate for the Raffle
Starship Valero, 74th Street & Eliot Avenue
Artis Drugs
Andy’s Deli
Foxy Floral/Hairdresser-Metropolitan Avenue
Jalco Plumbing, 85 St. in Middle Village
Eliot Liquor, Eliot Avenue
Harry’s Paint & Hardware – Eliot Avenue
Cross County Bank
Maspeth Dry Cleaners
Rashachy Salon & Spa – 82 Street
Met Food – Eliot Avenue
Maspeth Stationery (formerly Stokes)
Showtime Cleaners
Nunny Liquors (69th & 60th Ave)
Maspeth Wines
Iavarone Italian Food
Scala Bakery –
Curves – Dry Harbor Road
Silver Barn
Lux HairDresser – Eliot & 85 St.
Candy Stores owned by Nat Patel on Eliot Avenue