This spring and summer were particularly horrendous due to noise from jet planes and helicopters. And if you think more airplanes are flying over our community especially on weekends- you are right!
In 1998, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners authorized a project to accommodate the new and quieter Boeing 767/400 aircraft that Delta Airlines is planning to use at La Guardia Airport. The project included strengthening the taxiway decks, which would allow operation of this aircraft. The work requires runway closures, which will be done mostly on weekends, for either 36 or 54-hour periods, weather permitting, from April 24 to October 17.
Last year, Runway 4/22 was closed, which limited operations for the closure periods to Runway 13/31, This year, Runway 13/31 will be closed, which will limit operations to Runway 4/22.
During these runway closures, the preferred departure runway will be Runway 4, which will send aircraft in a northerly direction. However, with the warmer months' prevailing winds from the south, it was inevitable that the airport would have to use Runway 22, which sends aircraft in a southerly direction, over Maspeth and Middle Village.
The Port Authority wants to alert you to this fact, since historically Runway 22 is used for departures only 1 % of the time. It should also be noted that the airport will capitalize on these runway closures by simultaneously conducting other runway construction activity, thereby minimizing future runway closures.
The Port Authority stresses the point that this construction is temporary. The 54-hour construction was slated to end on July 17, weather permitting. Construction will then continue with 36-hour weekend closures until October 11.
If you wish to make a complaint or comment with regard to this project, you can call the Port Authority at: 1-877-835-5542.
But even without construction we are subjected to the earsplitting takeoffs over the “Maspeth Climb” (planes take off over Maspeth then turn over Middle Village). And we get a double dose with landings that use the L.I.E. as a visual approach and stray over our community.
Combine the noise from jet aircraft with news helicopters, Long Island Expressway traffic, trucks, motorcycles, car alarms and radios and it’s getting unbearable around here and most parts of Queens County. Please call and write your elected officials (listings are on page 50 ) and tell them enough is enough! Thanks to COMET for the above information.

They paved paradise and want to put up a …Parking Lot?

Last month, Community Board #5 received an application from the owners of the Amoco Service Station located at 74-01 Eliot Avenue. They would like to amend a variance which would allow the service station to install a canopy, include a small convenience store, rearrange the pump islands, allow parking for 15 cars/trucks, and to operate as a parking lot. The Land Use Committee voted unanimously to turn down the request. The matter was then brought before the full Community Board at their August meeting and the application was voted down again. It was felt that a parking lot would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. Additionally there were several objections from residents, including the Juniper Park Civic Association, who complained that the owner was already in violation of existing zoning regulations by parking cars and trucks on the premises.

A Recycling Reminder

Place mixed paper, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and phone books out for collection in labeled containers (preferably green) or clear bags, (Label stickers can be picked up in the Councilman Ognibene’s office, Community Board 5 office or at Juniper Park Civic meetings). Bundle and tie corrugated cardboard. Place rinsed beverage cartons, bottles, cans, metal, and foil out for collection in labeled containers (preferably blue) or blue translucent bags. Place large metal items next to recycling containers and bags.
You must recycle afl designated materials and set them out properly for collection or you may receive a fine. For answers to questions or to get recycling decals, call the Sanitation Action Center at (212) 219-8090. Or visit our website at