1. High Sugar: 29 million people
(one in 11) have it.

2. On October 22, 2014, there were
6,106,694 subway riders.

3. In New York City, 70% of children
are born out-of-wedlock.

4. Throughout the entire USA, a total
of 3,932,181 children were born
in 2013.

5. One percent of the world’s
population owns 48% of the
world’s wealth.

6. DYSLEXIA impacts 10% of the

7. In New York City, there are 6
million miles of roads.

8. The number of tourists visiting New
York City hit an historic high in
2014. A record 56.4 million visitors
came to New York in 2014, creating
a record $461.3 billion in economic
impact, according to the Mayor’s
Office. The tourism industry generated
$43.7 billion in local tax revenue.
About 358,000 jobs are tourist-related.

9. The United States has enough food
stored in warehouses to feed the
entire world for three years.

10. During World War II, 62 million
people were killed.

11. The Atom bomb dropped on
Hiroshima killed over 3 million
people and injured over 3 million

12. One million Americans have
Parkinson’s disease.

13. People who might be having a
heart attack should get aspirin on
the way to the hospital. But
about half of the patients in the
USA do not receive this lifesaving
treatment, according to the Journal
of Emergency Medicine. Those who
take aspirin are 23 percent more
likely to survive, but EMS providers
sometimes omit this, despite
guidelines recommending it.