Land & Sea Attack: The owner of this property has been parking trucks, boats, and other vehicles on his property for years. According to the Dept. of Buildings, on October 3, 2014 he was issued a $4,000 fine that was not paid and the violation is listed as in default. For the past several months what appears to be an army truck was added to the space. On the DOB website the owner’s mailing address is in ROSLYN HEIGHTS!

A Very Harry Situation: This truck has been parked in the front yard of 76-20 57th Road for years. Despite 19 complaints on this property the Department of Buildings (DOB) cannot or will not force the owner to remedy the situation. Besides the unsightly truck, debris is stored everywhere on the property. Government must enforce zoning regulations or the community’s quality of life will continue to be diminished. According to DOB, a hearing is set for March 3rd on the violation.

69 Skidoo The large building located on the southwest corner of Metropolitan Avenue continues to plague the community. The building regularly contains graffiti and is there seems never to be dull moment with the location. The rear of building on 69th Street is a mess. Bags of garbage remain visible throughout the week, graffiti and debris are everywhere and weeks after a snowstorm they still have an icy sidewalk.