At this point many Americans are aware of the “sanctuary” city policy of some of our nation’s cities. New York is a “sanctuary” city and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a “sanctuary” city cheerleader. He is often regarded as a possible presidential candidate. He has stated, “We need the immigrants, don’t hit on the immigrants.” He fails to make the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. He also fails to understand that because of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” practice now in place, murderers, rapists, pedophiles are free to sneak into the United States and roam our streets with impunity.

“Sanctuary” cities are places where an illegal immigrant can come and go just like you and me without having to worry about being turned over to ICE (Immigrant & Customs Enforcement). The law requires that, once known to local authorities, an illegal immigrant should be reported to ICE.

In a “sanctuary” city, like NYC, an illegal immigrant doesn’t have to worry that his immigration status will be revealed. Immigration lawyers will tell you that illegal aliens gravitate to the cities where they know they will have a safe haven and an abundance of “free” services from the government. That means you and I, the taxpayers, pick up the bill. Let’s talk about that for a moment and the deadly and costly results of the “sanctuary city” practice.

Recently the three young college students who were killed, execution style in Newark, were killed by four or five individuals one of whom, Jose Carranza, a Peruvian national, is an illegal immigrant in the U.S. with a fake Social Security number and who was previously charged with raping a 5-year-old girl and then threatening the child and her parents. In that case he faced a 31-count indictment. It has been reported that local authorities knew this monster was in the United States illegally yet they failed to notify ICE and the judge in the case also lowered Carranza’s bail making it easier for him to live in the general population. That also means that had the local authorities done their job and not protected this monster, the college students might be alive today! If that doesn’t make you angry, I’ll end this article right here.

The Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, defended the practice of not notifying the proper authorities, stating that local law enforcement is not going to do the federal government’s job!

This story further emphasizes the dangers of “sanctuary” cities. A few years ago a wife and mother of two was overpowered near Shea Stadium in Flushing by five men who sexually assaulted her over a period of hours. Every one of the perpetrators was reportedly an illegal alien, and four of them had been in the custody of the New York City Police Department before the rape but were released rather than being turned over to USCIS, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

One more example of the sanctuary city insanity – of the six men who were arrested with sophisticated plans to blow up Ft. Dix in New Jersey, three of them, all Moslems, are illegal aliens, living in New Jersey, training on our soil with our tax moneys!

Here are some of the places that are sanctuaries —
New York – most on Long Island
• Bay Shore, NY
• Brentwood, NY
• Central Islip, NY
• Farmingville, NY
• New York City, NY
• Peekskill, NY
• Riverhead, NY
• Shirley/Mastic, NY
• Uniondale, NY
• Westbury, NY

New Jersey
• Camden, NJ
• Fort Lee, NJ
• Jersey City, NJ
• North Bergen, NJ
• Trenton, NJ
• Union City, NJ
• West New York, NJ

California has about 20 cities providing sanctuary including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Colorado has about 8 sanctuary cities including Denver. Florida has 3 sanctuaries including Miami. Texas is right on the border with several sanctuary cities including Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, Houston.

We have to be asking, does any state or city in America have the right to establish its own immigration policy? This is how the dictionary describes anarchy – absence of government, a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority. Anarchy is the word that describes the current approach to U.S. immigration and the blame is at the door of our President and Congress. They make the federal laws and it’s up to them to see that they are enforced. They have failed in their jobs to protect America and Homeland Security is a joke! In my opinion we have never been more unsafe in the United States. Terrorists do not have to sneak into the US, they can just walk across a border!