Imagine walking into your living room but instead of turning on your television to play your PS3, you simply sit down and relax with no TV at all. Well, 84 years ago that's exactly what you would do. The earliest television wasn't invented until 1923. It wasn't the TV you know today either, it was a simple “moving silhouette” image, and the average consumer didn't own one.

Computers were not invented until 1943 and those weren't even real computers; they were something like a computer but used to crack codes in WW2. Some of the early office computers were huge and had an entire room dedicated just to the hard drive.

The first video game was created around 1981 by William Higinbotham. It was primitive but it was a start.

Now we have 102-inch televisions, high speed internet, flatscreens, portable laptop computers, high definition pictures, and realistic video games and systems. The luxuries we have come to love today have not been around for very long. We have become very advanced in a short time and we seem to only be getting better.

Plans for human life on other planets are becoming more than plans, and satellites and rovers do our dirty work for us. So, over a period of a few decades we have adapted and used what we had and have become very technologically advanced. Imagine where we might be decades from now! Where's the remote, I'll hit the fast forward button…