It’s Time to Start Over, Repeal Obamacare
by Congressman Bob Turner
New York’s 9th Congressional District

The latest health care controversy that would require faith-based institutions to provide insurance coverage for services that violate their faith, is just one of the many examples of hidden provisions and unconstitutional mandates that will continue to arise from the poorly written and blatantly rushed Obamacare bill. This, coupled with the numerous other issues that have been uncovered even before the bill has been fully implemented, proves one thing: We must repeal Obamacare in its entirety and start over.

The bill, which was passed before it was even clear what was in it, has resulted in the daunting realization that it will increase premiums and taxes, cut $500 billion from Medicare, and lead to violations of constitutional rights.
Many faith-based organizations, including Catholic charities, hospitals, and schools, have theological and ethical objections to contraceptives.

Yet, these groups can avoid crippling fines only by ceasing their service to people of all faiths or by compromising their ethical and moral values. Such blatant coercion tears at the very fabric of American society.

Last month, President Obama stated that the contraceptive provision will not require religious institutions to directly pay for these plans, rather the insurance companies will have to provide these services to any employee under that organizations’ coverage plan at no additional expense to the employee. This supposedly solves the problem for both parties. The employee gets the contraceptive coverage and the faith-based organization “isn’t providing” a service that is contrary to its core beliefs.

But, is that really the case? Does shifting the pay structure really negate the infringement of a religious group’s foundational principles? Simply put, no it does not. The organization, school, or hospital will be providing the plan for its employee. Whether the money it pays for that plan directly or indirectly goes towards contraceptive coverage, regardless of how the insurance company itemizes the plan, does not negate the fact that the religious organization is paying for that coverage in some form or another.

We must repeal a bill that was hastily forced through Congress before it was known what was truly in it. Now, as this bill continues to unravel with infringement after infringement upon inalienable rights, it is time we protect ourselves from its sweeping inconsistency and work towards finding practical solutions towards our nation’s healthcare problems that are within the confines of our Constitution.